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    Preprints and submitted papers:

  1. Ising model and the positive orthogonal Grassmannian pdf (49 pages) | arXiv:1807.03282
    joint with Pavlo Pylyavskyy
  2. Some more amplituhedra are contractible pdf (7 pages) | arXiv:1806.00827
    joint with Pavle Blagojević, Nevena Palić, and Günter Ziegler
  3. Parity duality for the amplituhedron pdf (52 pages) | arXiv:1805.00600
    joint with Thomas Lam
  4. Trianguloids and triangulations of root polytopes pdf (25 pages) | arXiv:1803.06239
    joint with Gleb Nenashev and Alex Postnikov
  5. The totally nonnegative part of G/P is a ball pdf (6 pages) | arXiv:1801.08953
    joint with Steven Karp and Thomas Lam
  6. R-systems pdf (63 pages) | arXiv:1709.00578
    joint with Pavlo Pylyavskyy
  7. Root system chip-firing II: Central-firing pdf (28 pages) | arXiv:1708.04849
    joint with Sam Hopkins, Thomas McConville, and Alex Postnikov
  8. Purity and separation for oriented matroids pdf (85 pages) | arXiv:1708.01329
    joint with Alex Postnikov
  9. The totally nonnegative Grassmannian is a ball pdf (19 pages) | arXiv:1707.02010
    joint with Steven Karp and Thomas Lam
  10. Quivers with additive labelings: classification and algebraic entropy pdf (77 pages) | arXiv:1704.05024
    joint with Pavlo Pylyavskyy
  11. Quivers with subadditive labelings: classification and integrability pdf (46 pages) | arXiv:1606.04878
    joint with Pavlo Pylyavskyy
  12. Accepted papers:

  13. The classification of Zamolodchikov periodic quivers pdf (40 pages) | arXiv:1603.03942
    joint with Pavlo Pylyavskyy
    Amer. J. Math, available online
  14. Plabic graphs and zonotopal tilings pdf (25 pages) | arXiv:1611.00492
    Proc. Lond. Math. Soc., available online
  15. Linear recurrences for cylindrical networks pdf (32 pages) | arXiv:1704.05160
    joint with Pavlo Pylyavskyy
    Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN, available online
  16. Periodicity and integrability for the cube recurrence pdf (38 pages) | arXiv:1704.05570
    Math. Z., to appear
  17. Root system chip-firing I: Interval-firing pdf (54 pages) | arXiv:1708.04850
    joint with Sam Hopkins, Thomas McConville, and Alex Postnikov
    Math. Z., available online
  18. Weak separation, pure domains and cluster distance pdf (39 pages) | arXiv:1612.05387
    joint with Miriam Farber
    Selecta Math. (N.S.), 24(3):2093--2127, 2018
  19. Refined dual stable Grothendieck polynomials and generalized Bender-Knuth involutions pdf (29 pages) | arXiv:1509.03803
    joint with Darij Grinberg and Gaku Liu
    Electron. J. Combin., 23(3):Paper 3.14, 28, 2016
  20. A Littlewood-Richardson Rule for Dual Stable Grothendieck Polynomials pdf (14 pages) | arXiv:1501.00051
    J. Combin. Theory Ser. A, 151:23-35, 2017
  21. Extensions of isometric embeddings of Pseudo-Euclidean metric polyhedra pdf (8 pages) | arXiv:1501.05037
    joint with Vladimir Zolotov
    Electron. Res. Announc. Math. Sci., 23:1-7, 2016
  22. Manifolds associated to simple games pdf (14 pages) | arXiv:1311.6966
    joint with Gaiane Panina
    J. Knot Theory Ramifications, 25(12):1642003, 14, 2016
  23. Existence of a persistent hub in the convex preferential attachment model pdf (17 pages) | arXiv:1310.7513
    Probab. Math. Statist., 36(1):59-74, 2016