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Asaf Ferber
Applied Math
Building 2, office 2-169, 182 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139


About me

I am currently an Instructor for Applied Math in MIT. Before that, I was Gibbs Assistant Professor at Yale University and a visitor researcher at MIT. Even earlier, I was a postdoc in ETH, Zurich and before moving to the US I was a postdoc of Wojtek Samotij in Tel Aviv University for one full month! My lovely wife Shiran is a postdoc at Harvard medical school (Artzi's lab), and was previously a postdoc in the Langer's lab in MIT, so any offer for two positions in the same city/area are highly welcomed :-) I formally received my PhD from Tel Aviv University in January '14, where I studied under the supervision of the best advisor ever: Professor Michael Krivelevich. My research areas are mainly Probabilistic and Extremal Combinatorics, but I would be happy to work on any topic which I feel that I can contribute. As a Master studet in Tel Aviv University, I conducted research in Set Theory under the supervision of Professor Moti Gitik.

Fields of interest

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