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Ethan Y. Jaffe

Ethan Y. Jaffe

"If mathematics does not teach us to think correctly, at least it teaches us how easy it is to think incorrectly." - Harald Bohr

Short Biography

I am a fourth-year PhD candidate in the MIT department of mathematics studying PDE (primarily the Einstein equations in General Relativity) through the techniques of Melrose's singular geometry program.
My advisor is Richard Melrose.
Before, I obtained my BSc in mathematics from the University of Toronto.

My office is 2-231d.

Email: ey{last name} at mit dot edu
Replace whatever is within {} with my last name.

Teaching and TAing

In Fall 2019, I am TAing for 18.02.

In Spring 2018, I graded for 18.369/8.315.

In Fall 2017, I TAed for 18.02.

In Spring 2017, I graded for for 18.102/18.1021.

In Fall 2016, I graded for 18.155.


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