18.S996 Social Choice and Social Networks : Spring 2018

Professor: Elchanan Mossel.

Lectures: MW 9:30-11:00 at 2-147

Office hours: TBD

Grader: TBD

Topics: The course will discuss two broad topics:

I. opinion exchange dynamics on networks and

II. social choice theory and some of its quantitative aspects.

Some Links:

Survey: Opinion Exchange Dynamics by Mossel and Tamuz

An earlier version of this class

Networks, Crowds and Market by Easley and Kleinberg

Prerequisites: Graduate level probability and a solid backgound in combinatorics and algorithms (please let me know if you want to take the class but feel you may be unprepared)

Attendance: Attendance in lectures is mandatory.

Assignments: The grade will be based on 1. Attendance and participation 2. HW sets and 3. A final presentation.