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Chapter 6: Linear, Quadratic and Cubic Approximations


We often want to know the values of a function, f, at various points but do not need to know them

exactly. Sometimes it is tedious for us to evaluate f exactly, or we need to know them over a range of values, so that a few evaluations is not enough to help us. Under these circumstances, we can use derivatives to supply approximate formulae for f, which are easy to form and evaluate.



6.1 Preamble

6.2 Definitions of Approximations

      6.2.1 Linear Approximation at x = a

      6.2.2 Quadratic Approximation at x = a

      6.2.3 Cubic Approximation at x = a

6.3 Accuracy of these Approximations

6.4 Approximation Formulae

6.5 Applications and Examples