List of Topics Chosen Last Year

beating the house at blackjack
big integer math
black scholes model
black scholes model
catalan numbers an introduction
chaos and fractals
combinatorial optimization the TSP
containing a biological attack
domino tilings of theaztec diamond
economic game theory and auctions
efficient algorithm for archtypical gradebased scoring
electronic voting
elementary fractal geometry
enigma breaking
environmental accounting
evolution of the four color theorem
information among peers
introduction to game theory aand various applications
jpeg compression
marriage problem
mathematics of solving a rubik's cube blindfolded
modern cryptography
morse code vs huffman coding
Optimal solutions to the stable marriage problem
probability and its importance in gambling
support vector machine
survey of graphs and coloring
survey of the jacobsthal numbers
the boosting algorithm an game theory
the five color theorem
topics in the theory of computation
variations in the gamblers ruin problem
wavelet analysis