Review Topics Exam 2 18.310 2002

  1. Euclid’s Algorithm perform it to find gcd and express same as linear combination of original numbers with integer coefficients

  2. The Chinese remainder theorem use it to prove statements about solutions to equations mod products of primes

  3. Groups and Lagrange`s theorem: be prepared to prove it and use it

  4. symmetries of the square and multiplication table of them what are they?

  5. FFT set up an N=16 fft and use it to multiply 2 8 digit numbers

  6. RSA create an rsa code and code and decode with it

  7. raising to a power mod n: be prepared to do it

  8. finding primes” explain how it is done: find one in a certain range with a spreadsheet

  9. testing primality describe and apply test

  10. linear programming: model a situation, esp network flow or resource allocation

  11. the quadratic sieve describe it

  12. the tortoise and the hare be prepared to do it on a spreadsheet

  13. magic determinant finding; set up spreadsheet and do this

  14. doing the simplex algorithm be able to do pivots on a spreadsheet

  15. finding a feasible origin explain how this is done

  16. duality take the dual of a given primal; (doing this right requires practice!)

  17. multiplying matrices set up a spreadsheet to do this

  18. graphs and planarity outline proof of Kuratowski’s theorem

  19. five color theorem prove it

  20. eulers formula state and prove it

be prepared to set up spreadsheets to implement

1,5,6,7,8,9,12, 13,14,17

be cognizant of the meaning of

2 3 4 10 11 15 16 18 19 20