18.310 2006

Welcome All

This class meets MWF at noon in 4-270

Lecturer: DJ Kleitman

Office: 2-347

Email address : djk@math.mit.edu

Phone: 253-6106 (fairly useless)

Office Hours:

Graders: TBA

Text: Lecture Notes are on the web under 18.310

you can find them on website: math.mit.edu/~djk

There may be revisions and supplements but no text to buy

Syllabus: will be similar to that in previous years and will be available soon (I hope)

There will be 10-12 homework assignments and two exams, probably take-home

You will also be required to hand in a paper of roughly 10 pages in length on a topic you learn about on your own. (It is due at the end of the term

You are strongly encouraged to redo and turn in revised versions of homework or exams in which you made serious mistakes. You will receive half the lost credit in them for doing so,

If you want to get your graded papers back in a timely fashion you should hand them in on time.

You may turn in any assignment late IF you request permission to do so before it is due. This can be done in person or by email.

If you find you are spending too much time on an assignment then get help.

Talk to friends. Send an email asking a question.

Collaboration on assignments is perfectly OK;

but DO NOT copy someone else's work in what you hand in. Write whatever you whand in yourself.

Your grade will come 1/3 from homework, 1/3 from the exams and 1/3 from your paper.

A detailed schedule will follow.