These are invited talks (about my research). Some slides or notes are available.

6. Interlacing particle systems and special functions, Apr. 2018, Brown University, Discrete Math seminar. (slides).

5. Interlacing particle systems and special functions, Mar. 2018, University of Virginia, Probability seminar. (slides).

4. Interpolation Macdonald operators at infinity, Nov. 2017, MIT Integrable Probability seminar. (pdf).

3. Asymptotics of Macdonald and Jack polynomials, Nov. 2016, MIT Integrable Probability seminar. (slides).

2. Markov processes on branching graphs of classical Lie groups, June 2016, ECCO, Medellin, Colombia. (slides).

1. Laurent phenomenon sequences using cluster algebras, Nov. 2013, SFSU Algebra-Geometry-Combinatorics seminar.


These are some notes from seminar talks, classes or expository notes.

Structure of some Hecke algebras associated to the p-adic group GL(V), 2014. (pdf)
Construction of Hecke algebra for the Gelfand pair GL(V)/O(V), where V is a finite-dimensional vector space over an characteristic zero, algebraically closed p-adic field.

Poisson 2014. (pdf)
Notes for the minicourse "Introduction to Poisson Lie Groups, Lie Algebras and Their Quantization," by Pavel I. Etingof

A Schur non-negativity Conjecture Related to Double-Wiring Diagrams. 2012. (pdf)
The note explains a Schur non-negativity conjecture and proves it for small cases.