Interfacial flows

Much of my work at MIT has been directed towards flows dominated by the influence of surface tension, including bubbles, drops, fluid films, jets and sheets. Ongoing research on interfacial flows is concerned with the stability of the circular hydraulic jump, as well as problems in biocapillarity and hydrodynamic quantum analogues.

” I never before realized so strongly the splendour and beauty of the mere physical forms of Nature. A wonderful thing is the curious repetition of the same forms, of the same design almost, in the shape of the falling water. It gave me a sense of how completely even the wildest liberty of Nature is restrained by governing laws.”  

 – Oscar Wilde, on viewing Niagara Falls

Partial coalescence of soap bubbles


We present the results of an experimental investigation of the merger of a soap bubble with a planar soap film. When … View Project

The hydraulic bemp: no, not bump


  When a falling jet of fluid strikes a horizontal fluid layer, a hydraulic jump arises downstream of the … View Project

Drops bouncing on a wet inclined plane


We present the results of an experimental investigation of fluid drops impacting an inclined rigid surface covered with … View Project

Water entry and cavity dynamics


We present the results of a combined experimental and theoretical investigation of the vertical impact of low-density … View Project

Water impact of small hydrophobic bodies


We considered the impact of small hydrophobic spheres on a water surface. Particular attention was given to … View Project

The dynamics of viscous sheets


We present the results of a combined theoretical and numerical investigation of the rim-driven retraction of flat fluid … View Project

Drop propulsion in tapered tubes


We present the results of a combined experimental and theoretical investigation of the motion of wetting droplets in … View Project

Spontaneous oscillations of a floating fluid lens


  When an oil drop is placed on a water surface, it assumes the form of a sessile lens. We consider the … View Project

Surface tension and the hydraulic jump


The circular hydraulic jump may arise when a fluid jet falling vertically at high Reynolds number strikes a horizontal … View Project

Fluid chains and fishbones

Photo 6

 We examine the form of the free surface flows resulting from the collision of equal jets at an oblique angle. … View Project

The coalescence cascade meets Marangoni


  When a water drop coalesces into a puddle or pond, the dynamics is much more rich than casual observation … View Project

Fluid pipes: jets impinging on a fluid bath


                      When a … View Project

The dynamics of fluid sheets and bells

Photo 1

  When a vertical water jet strikes a circular horizontal impactor, the water is deflected into a horizontal … View Project

The dynamics of wine tears


``Who hath sorrow, who hath woe? They that tarry long at the wine. Look not though upon the strong red wine that moveth … View Project

Evaporative instabilities in soap films


  A vertical soap film supported on a rectangular wire frame of height 3.5 cm and width 15 cm drains under the … View Project

Bubble motion in a thin gap


The anomalous wake accompanying a penny-shaped air bubble of diameter 8 cm rising through a thin gap of water bound … View Project

Drop motion in rapidly rotating flows


  Motivated by an interest in vigorous convection in the Earth's molten outer core, I devoted my doctoral … View Project