Geophysical flows

Much of my early work concerned the dynamics of large scale flows dominated by the influence of stratification and the Earth’s rotation, as arise in the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Other geophysical research subjects have included the dynamics of tektites, the dynamics of the Earth’s lithosphere, and the dynamics of sedimentation, as arises in the world’s rivers and lakes.┬áMy research group maintains an interest and activity in environmental fluid mechanics, specifically the role of drops and bubbles in the transport of biomaterial within the atmosphere and oceans.

Drops and bubbles in the environment


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The drainage of glacial lakes and climate change


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The dynamics of the Tibetan Plateau


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Roll waves on flowing cornstarch suspensions


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The dynamics of splash-form tektites


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Sedimentation from particle clouds


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Sedimentation from riverine outflows


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Line plumes in rotation: leads and megaplumes


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Drop motion in rapidly rotating flows


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