Hydrodynamic quantum analogs

A decade ago, Yves Couder and Emmanuel Fort discovered that droplets walking on a vibrating fluid bath exhibit features previously thought to be peculiar to the quantum realm, including single-particle diffraction, tunneling, quantized orbits and orbital level splitting. Much of my group’s recent research has been directed towards elucidating the subtle pilot-wave dynamics of these walking droplets, and rationalizing their quantum-like behaviour.  More

Biofluids & Biocapillarity

Biocapillarity is the study of biological systems dominated by interfacial effects, its goal being to elucidate natural mechanisms and explore their technological potential. Examples of our studies in biocapillarity include natural strategies for water-repellency, walking on water, underwater breathing, and drinking. We are currently examining the hydrodynamic mechanisms involved in respiratory disease transmission.  More

Interfacial flows

Much of my work at MIT has been directed towards flows dominated by the influence of surface tension, including the dynamics of bubbles, drops, fluid films, jets and sheets. Ongoing research on interfacial flows is concerned with the stability of the circular hydraulic jump, as well as problems in biocapillarity and hydrodynamic quantum analogues.  More

Geophysical & Environmental flows

My early work was concerned with the dynamics of large scale flows dominated by the influence of stratification and the Earth’s rotation, as arise in the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Other geophysical research subjects have included the dynamics of  sedimentation, as arises in the world’s rivers and lakes. My research group is currently involved in a number of problems in environmental fluid mechanics involving interfacial phenomena. Examples include the role of drops and bubbles in the transport of biomaterial within the atmosphere and oceans.  More 


From the dynamics of sports balls to biomimicry and the culinary arts.  More