The Physical Mathematics research group consists of faculty, instructors, postdocs, graduate students and undergraduates supported by MIT’s UROP program. We have strong ties with a number of European laboratories, and often host visiting faculty and students from France, Denmark, Belgium and Brazil. Our group has a weekly seminar, the Physical Mathematics Seminar, on tuesday afternoons, where visitors share research of interest to the group. We also have a group lunch meeting on mondays, when group members share their latest research in an informal setting.

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Applied Math Laboratory

The Applied Math Lab is at the center of our group’s research activities. A central theme of our laboratory activity is the visualization of high-speed flows, for which we have state-of-the-art still and high-speed video cameras.  The lab may be found in 2-031, in the basement of the newly renovated Building 2.

“The world is our laboratory. The laboratory is our sandbox.”





The group gratefully acknowledges the continuing financial support of the National Science Foundation, through the Division of Mathematical Sciences, the CBET (Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport systems) and the CMMI – Dynamical Systems. We thank the MIT-France Program, which supported our initial collaboration with Yves Couder and Emmanuel Fort on the subject of hydrodynamic quantum analogues. We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the MIT-Brazil and the Ciencia Sem Fronteiras Programs, which fund our continuing collaboration with Andre Nachbin at IMPA in Rio de Janeiro.




Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs Meetings

Since 2011, we have arranged annual meetings to discuss progress among workers on hydrodynamic quantum analog systems. HQA1 and HQA2 took place in Paris, HQA3 in Boston. In the summer of 2014, HQA4 took place June 2-6 at IMPA in Rio de Janeiro, partially supported through the MIT-Brazil and the Ciencia Sem Fronteiras Programs.  Student accommodations for the meeting have been kindly arranged by Agente Imovél, a property portal in Brazil. HQA5 took place in Calabria, organized primarily by Giuseppe Pucci, and partially supported by the University of Calabria.