Ao Sun's Homepage

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematics
Office: 2-390A
Email:aosun at mit dot edu

I'm Ao Sun, a fifth year graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at MIT. My advisor is William Minicozzi.
I am interested in geometry and PDEs, especially minimal surfaces, constant mean curvature surfaces, and mean curvature flow.
Here is my CV.

Published Paper

  1. Min-max minimal disks with free boundary in Riemannian manifolds (with Longzhi Lin and Xin Zhou), arXiv:1806.04664 (2018)
    Accepted for publication in Geometry & Topology.
  2. Compactness and Rigidity of $\lambda$-Surfaces, arXiv:1804.09316 (2018)
    Accepted for publication in International Mathematics Research Notices.
  3. Compactness of Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces in Three Manifold with Positive Ricci Curvature, arXiv:1804.09328 (2018)
    Accepted for publication in Pacific Journal of Mathematics.


  1. Codimension Bounds and Rigidity of Ancient Mean Curvature Flows by the Tangent Flow at $-\infty$(with Douglas Stryker), arXiv:1909.02535 (2019)
  2. Construction of High Codimension Ancient Mean Curvature Flows (with Douglas Stryker), arXiv:1908.02688 (2019)
  3. On the Entropy of Parabolic Allen-Cahn Equation, arXiv:1812.08894 (2018)
  4. Compactness of self-shrinkers in \mathbb R^3 with fixed genus (with Zhichao Wang), arXiv:1811.05387 (2018)
  5. Local Entropy and Generic Multiplicity One Singularities of Mean Curvature Flow of Surfaces, arXiv:1810.08114 (2018)
  6. Singularities of Mean Curvature Flow of Surfaces with Additional Forces, arXiv:1808.03937 (2018)
  7. Sharp Entropy Bounds for Plane Curves and Dynamics of the Curve Shortening Flow (with Julius Baldauf), arXiv:1808.03936 (2018)
  8. Carleman Estimate for Surface in Euclidean Space at Infinity, arXiv:1703.08759 (2017)

Some Notes

Some notes I took at many different places.

Student Seminar

I am running the geometric analysis student seminar at MIT. In general every week we have a speaker talking about anything the speaker is interested in.

Note this is not the official Geometric Analysis Seminar at MIT.

Other Activities

I am a George Lusztig PRIMES Mentor in year 2018. PRIMES is "Program for Research in Mathematics, Engineering and Science for High School Students" held by MIT.
I was the cheif editor of Hesi from 2013-2014 at Tsinghua University. Hesi is a student journal edited by students in Department of Mathematical Sciences, Tsinghua University.

Some Photos

Beautiful sunset at Boston