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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past Events

Girls’ Adventure Math Expedition (GAME)

Our outreach event this year is targeted towards 6th and 7th grade girls from local schools, who will participate in a hands-on math challenge in small teams supervised by a USWIM member or adult volunteer. In this time travel-themed event, girls will complete activities at stations set around campus and work with teammates to figure out math puzzles.


Our outreach event typically targets local middle school and/or high school girls and aims to get them excited about math. They are invited to campus to participate in a collaborative, hands-on challenge that demonstrates some interesting ways to use math.

Math Movie Night

For Math Movie Night, we show math-related movies during IAP, complete with free popcorn, to MIT undergraduates. Last IAP, we showed Good Will Hunting and Sneakers.

Math in Industries

The Math in Industries Event teaches MIT undergraduates more about how mathematics is utilized in various companies. We invite company representatives to talk about the applications of math in industry and different mathematical career opportunities. Last year, we had representatives from IBM, American Electron Beams, and Oracle.

Math Mixer

Freshmen Math Mixer is an event with the purpose of exploring the math courses offered to undergraduates, particularly those of interest to freshmen. We invite TAs who have taught or are currently teaching the GIR and introductory level math courses, as well as upperclassmen who have recently taken these and more advanced courses.

UROP Dessert Night

Our UROP Dessert Night is a networking event for women to talk about their past and current UROP experiences, and to get and receive advice about research in mathematics.