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Alice Wong

Alice Wong

As a kid, I was a typical girl, at least in the eyes of traditional Hong Kong Chinese. Dancing, playing the piano and fabricating knitted handicrafts. My life had orbited around these hobbies for years, until my crave to take control of own fate emerged.

My burgeoning enthusiasm in mathematics was not a mere coincidence. Having brothers excelling in math, I learned to appreciate the magic of numbers. It was as though the joint pursuit was in our shared blood. Nevertheless, my identity of being a female has erected inadmissible barriers against my authentic interest. None of my family, coaches and friends expected highly of me from the start. They shared the stereotype that females cannot perform as well as males in mathematics and science. If not for my immense interest and persistence, I would have been unable to have satisfactory achievements despite the lack of support.

Because of what I have undergone, I believe the unjust gender stereotype has affected many girls out there negatively. By joining Women in Math, I hope to make an impact on more girls' lives and encourage them to fight for their true interest.

Class: 2018
Course: 6-3
Extracurricular Activities: - SEALNet