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Isabella Sanders

Isabella Sanders

I have been around Math my whole life. In fact both my Grandfather and Father were Math Professors. It has always been my favorite subject in school because it was fun and it came easily to me. In high school, I was captain of my school's Mathletes team and also my county's ARML team. I competed in Math Fairs throughout high school, and my experiences with that strengthened my interest in the field.

Even though my high school experience was centered around Math it was the summers between grades that fully convinced me to do Math. Each summer since I was nine I have been attending academic summer programs in the STEM fields and they really solidified my interest in Math. I attended JHU's CTY, Duke TiP and SSP (sponsored by MIT & Caltech). They taught me that even though girls are often a minority in STEM it doesn't have to be a disadvantage. I learned a lot each year inside and outside of the classroom, each summer was a unique and awesome experience. For the past two summers I decided to give back by working as a Residential Counselor at Duke TiP and while there I was reminded of why I decided to do Math in the first place. This summer I will be working as a TA for SSP helping with material in Math, Physics, Computer Science and Astronomy.

When I came to MIT I had no doubt that I would major in Math, it has what I've wanted to do my whole life. Although Math is my main passion I also really enjoy computer science and have taken a few classes here in Course 6. My favorite class at MIT so far has been 6.042 a mix of both math and computer science. In fact I will be and Undergraduate TA for 6.042 this fall. I've learned here that it's important to take classes that you want to take, not what you think you should. You will have more fun, and enjoy learning so much more.

I have been involved with Women in Math at MIT since my Sophomore year and as President this year I hope to lead some exciting events including Math in Industries and outreach events.

Class: 2016
Course: 18 (Applied Math) with Minors in 21H (Ancient and Medieval Studies) and 15 (Management Science)
Extracurricular Activities: Women's Varsity Openweight Crew, UROP on Magnetic Fields in Course 12, UROP on Quasars in Course 8/STS, President of Athletes in Action, TA in Course 6