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Alexandra Ivanov

Alexandra Ivanov

Ever since I got my first calculator when I was six years old, carefully inspecting all of the strange and interesting functions on the tiny machine, I have been captivated by math and the way one can use mathematical operations to model, observe, and predict the world. As an immigrant to the United States, I loved the way that math, unlike language, transferred smoothly across all cultures, languages, and countries. Though, as I progressed through high school, I similarly appreciated this concept in the sciences, I valued math, above all, as the underlying principle to these fields. After all, Newton couldn’t have fathered classical mechanics had he not pioneered calculus as well.

Today, the area of math that fascinates me is statistics and its many applications. Equipped with this potent tool, I am one step closer to what would be my superpower of choice- seeing the future. One beautiful thing about statistics, and math in general, is the way it can be applied to almost anything in the world, from genetics to human behavior to finance. I hope to major in Applied Math at MIT so that in honing my mathematical abilities, I may also develop my understanding of the part of the world that mathematical and logical rules govern. I am especially interested in the intersection between math and economics.

As part of the Undergraduate Society for Women in Mathematics, I am blessed to be surrounded by a community of girls who appreciate and foster growth in this wonderful subject. I hope that through USWIM I may help promote a joy for math in the lives of other girls.

Class: 2017
Course: 18 and 15
Extracurricular Activities: Smart Women Securities, Women Business Leaders, The Undergraduate Economics Association, and Baker House Government