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Xinyue Deng

Xinyue Deng

I always feel lucky in these past 20 years of my life. There are always someone guiding me through the difficulties. Other than my parents, the one that was special to me was my calculus teacher in high school. Although ever since I learned numbers in kindergarten, Maths has been the subject that I am best at, she was the one that made me want to study maths in college. I might not pursue a career in Mathematics, but Maths is the foundation of science and engineering.

However, not all girls have such luck to pursue what they want. People are always surprised when they hear a girl majoring in maths or science, which does not make sense to me. Although the majority of people studying in maths and science are men, women should not be scared of it. At MIT, there are a lot of resources, so I want to inspire more young females in maths, so that their future career choice will not be limited by Maths.

USWIM is a wonderful community which gathers a group of inspired and passionate women who are willing to help others. I am very glad that I can join them!

Class: 2016