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Phoebe Cai

Phoebe Cai

I cannot remember a time before I was doing math. Coming from a family that highly values science and quantitative skills, I began solving my first math problems when I was very young, but for me, math has never lost its novelty.

I have always had a wide range of interests, and in high school I entertained the idea of pursuing other fields such as biology and computer science. But math has always drawn me back in--it is beautiful, ideal, and satisfying, all while remaining widely applicable to many other fields.

In high school, I was engaged in several research internships involving statistical analysis of medical data, which solidified my view that math is incredibly fundamental and powerful. By the time I came to MIT, I was certain that I wanted to further pursue math as my major, while exploring other interests on the side.

I was eager to join USWIM because I always enjoy meeting other women who share an interest in math--women are often a minority in math groups, and I greatly appreciate the sense of community that USWIM brings. With USWIM, I hope to meet more math majors while helping enrich the opportunities available to math enthusiasts here at MIT!

Class: 2018
Course: 18 and 14
Extracurricular Activities: USWIM, MIT Admissions Blogs, UEA