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Courtesy MIT Museum

Women have been a part of MIT since 1870's but most departments did not award Ph.Ds to their female students until the 1920's. In the mathematics department, ten women received Ph.D.s before 1960. The recent growth in female student enrollment and tenured faculty members has been an important development that we want to cultivate further.

1930Dorothy Weeks first woman awarded Ph.D. in mathematics at MIT
1967Nancy Jane Kopell first female CLE Moore Instructor
1978Michele Vergne first tenured woman in mathematics at MIT
1994A Celebration of Women in Mathematics - conference hosted by MIT
1999Bonnie Berger receives tenure
2002Gigliola Staffilani joins MIT tenured
2007Ju-Lee Kim joins MIT tenured
2008MIT Women in Mathematics: A Celebration (conference)

Read more about Dorothy Weeks in Pioneering Women in American Mathematics: the pre-1940 PhD's and Oral History Transcript - Dr. Dorothy Weeks.