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MIT Combinatorics Seminar Schedule (FALL 2004 )

  W  September 15   Everybody
Open Session
  F  September 17   Bridget Eileen Tenner
A non-messing-up phenomenon for posets
  F  September 24   Michael Huber
The classification of flag-transitive Steiner designs
  W  September 29   Dylan Thurston
From dominoes to hexagons
  W  October 06   Guoce Xin
On MacMahon's partition analysis
  W  October 13   Cilanne Boulet
A new combinatorial proof of the Rogers-Ramanujan identities
  F  October 15   Allen Knutson
The glue between Young tableaux
  W  October 20   Timothy Chow
Chess tableaux and chess problems
  F  October 22   Masahiko Yoshinaga
On the freeness of truncated affine Weyl arrangements
  W  October 27   Eric Sommers
Exponents for ideals of positive roots
  F  October 29   Richard Stanley
Crossings and nestings of matchings and partitions
  W  November 10   Andrei Zelevinsky
Cluster algebras of finite type and positive symmetrizable matrices
  F  November 12   Andrei Okounkov
Quantum cohomology of the Hilbert scheme of points in the plane
  W  November 17   Satyan Devadoss
  F  November 19   Jonathan Farley
Tensor products of semilattices, semimodularity and supersolvability:
a problem of E. T. Schmidt from 1974 and some conjectures of Quackenbush from 1985
  W  November 24   Eric Rains
BC_n-symmetric polynomials
  M  November 29   Louis Billera
Relations among ribbon Schur functions
  F  December 03   Mihai Ciucu
A random tiling model for two dimensional electrostatics II:
arbitrary charge distributions under periodic boundary conditions
  W  December 08   Jim Haglund
A combinatorial model for the Macdonald polynomials
  F  December 10   Arthur Benjamin
Vandermonde's Determinant and Fibonacci SAWs