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Applied Math Colloquium

Spring 2014

Most talks are at 4:30 pm in Room E17-122 unless otherwise noted.
Refreshments will be served in Room E17-401A from 3:30-4:30 pm.

For more information, contact Michel Goemans, Steven G. Johnson and Jonathan Kelner

Date Speaker / Abstract
Mon Feb 10 Tom Hou (Caltech)
Recent Progress on the Search of 3D Euler Singularities
Mon Feb 17 President's Day
Mon Mar 3 Jian Peng (MIT)
Unraveling the Mechanism of Chaperone-Mediated Protein Folding
Mon Mar 24 Spring Break
Mon Apr 21 Patriots Day
Mon Apr 28 Michael Mackey (McGill University)
Understanding, treating, and avoiding human hematopoietic disease: Better medicine through mathematics?