FEMLAB - Multiphysics in MATLAB

Svante Littmarck, Bertil Walden, Lars Langemyr


December 6,



FEMLAB is a general software package for modelling applied physics
problems in MATLAB. FEMLAB is built for modelling in many different
fields, such as Electromagenetics, Chemical Reactors, Structural
Mechanics, and Fluid Dynamics.  Specifically, FEMLAB supports the
integration of problems from different fields - multiphysics - and
integration with dynamical systems through SIMULINK.  FEMLAB uses the
Finite Element Method for space discretization, and the method of
lines for time discretization. FEMLAB has advanced mesh adaption
capabilities, and includes a multigrid solver.

We present a few applications from the list below:
- Chemical Engineering: Monolithic Reactor (Catalytic Oxidation) 
- Physics: Semiconductor Simulation 
- Geophysics: Rock Fracture Flow 
- Acoustics: Vibrations in Heat Exchanger (a real world problem) 
- Multiphysics: Fluid/Structure interaction, Vibrations in a Fluid Container 
- Electromagnetics: A Parameterized Waveguide 
- Structural Mechanics: A Pulley in Belt Transmission 
- CFD: Acoustic resonance in purely 3-D Nozzle flow 
- Two-phase flow: Flow of Paper Pulp, Dairy Products, Polymers 
Academic (benchmark) examples:
- Burger's equation
- The Landau-Ginzburg equation
- The KdW equation

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