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Applied Math Colloquium

Fall 2014

Most talks are at 4:30 pm in Room E17-122 unless otherwise noted.
Refreshments will be served in Room E17-401A from 3:30-4:30 pm.

For more information, contact Michel Goemans, Steven G. Johnson and Jonathan Kelner

Date Speaker / Abstract
Monday Sept. 22 Jack Poulson (Stanford University)
Toward the scalable inversion of structured matrices with standard admissibility conditions
Monday Oct. 13
(Columbus Day)
Monday Oct. 27 David Silvester (University of Manchester)
Implicit solvers for incompressible flow problems
Monday Nov. 3 Daan Huybrechs (KU Leuven)
Fast spectral function approximation on complex geometries: redundancy and ill-conditioning are sometimes helpful
Monday Nov. 24 Sheehan Olver (University of Sydney)
(5:00pm-6:00pm) Numerical Computations in Random Matrix Theory
Monday Dec. 15 Laurent Demanet (MIT)
1930s Analysis for 2010s Signal Processing: Recent Progress on the Super-Resolution Question