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Drawer – 21 a, ax, t, tx. Box 28 (cont.)
File 1 (blue). Contains “Popular Cosmology” yellow folder (a few texts, one is from NY Times Editorial Page, May 27, 1990 – in favor of Segal’s article). "OP - ED” (thin, has the NYTimes 11/20/89, and Segal’s letter). Another “Popular Cosmology” folder (about 20, some lttrs, NYTimes). “Summer Course”(1994). “NSF Math”-213-related.
File 2 (yellow). One other “Popular Cosmology” folder: “Is the Big Bang Good Enough to be Wrong” and a few similar articles. “NSF 92-93” – “A proposal for research in statistical and theoretical cosmology” (himself, Wu, JFN); one other is: “Mathematical Aspects of QF and Particle Theory in four S-T Dimensions.” Box 30 “Constructive non-linear QFT in four space-time dimensions”, Contemprorary Mathematics, vol.214 (1998), 12pp (# 214 from the List). Gelfand (Collected Papers, 3 volumes – left in box 30). 10/8/97 draft of # 221. 
File 3 (red). Draft of # 210. 10/21/95 draft of “Chronometric Particle Theory I. An Alternative to the Higgs Mechanism.” (With Vogan and Zhou, 57pp., not on the list.) 10/6/94 draft of # 209. Proceedings of the Conference On Dispersion Theory, March 24-26, 1966; MIT, Edited by IES; contains his “Dispersion Theory for Non-Linear Relativistic Equations” – close to # 69 but not on the list. LNM # 728 (Non-Commutative Harmonic Analysis, 1978) and “The Logic of Modern Physics” by Bridgman stay in box 30. Box 31. Astronomy (11/10/86, a few pages). Draft of # 219. “Spunctions” red folder (on bosons, fermions, etc.), 1994, ab. 50 pages (original notes).
File 4 (blue). Thick yellow folder, unmarked, 1994; “Spunctional Analysis”(5/18/94), # 208 drafts, “Outline of Fermions,” “Wiener Talk,” and other documents. One more unmarked yellow folder, 1989 and 1996, contains pp.7-25 of what seems to be one of his earlier publications (Section 2. Chronometric cosmology, etc.), 1996 astronomy work. 
File 5 (yellow). “Becker Notes” yellow folder – supposedly his notes when auditing HEPhysics lecture course (Fall 1990, at MIT?) – like 8.810 Homework 1 about three types of neutrinos; IX CHD, X Weak Interactions, etc. “Visvan Revision 11-12/95” (a few letters, some originals stay, other documents are discarded). “Observational Truncation and Rational Cosmology/ The Statistics of Discrete Extragalactic Sources” (with JFN, with a “save” mark, not on the list; one other version is in 20-4). Correspondence (3/9/89) from A. Hewitt with the Hewitt-Burbidge QSO Catalog (with IES’ marks in it). 2/6/97 draft of “# 228”. 5/8/98 au, 3pp. “X & Reprints to Save” yellow folder (1971 about Hubble, from Herman Chernoff 1989, few newspaper articles). 
File 6 (red). “Reviews of Proposals ” (anonymous, 1979, 1981). “Spannors – Current Research” – a very thick yellow folder; 1987, 1989). 
File 7 (yellow) – his notebook folder of 1967 with a 9/14/67 draft of “Dispersion for Non-Linear Relativistic PDE, II” (and other notes). 

Drawer – 22 a, ax, t, tx. Box 31
File 1 (blue). Contains his 1979 notes: “The Grammar and Philosophy of QFT,” “Fermion fields – their skew products, and canonical transformations” (about 40 pp.). “1950” yellow folder (lttrs, mostly, about 50). “The Fairchild article in Astronomy and Astrophysics and correspondence, etc. concerning it beginning in July 1977.” “C. Corr. with Prof. G. De Vaucoulers inclusive of reference to Fairchild work, or my Criticism thereof.” “11/16/68 notes.” “Physical and Parametric Space in QFT” (Seminar by IES, April 24, 1965, IHP), 17pp, not on the list. Morosi and Pizochero case, 1997, in an envelope. Two more 1997 lttrs, one 1993 from T. H. Maren. “E-mails & Correspondence” yellow folder , 1997, about 15. “VIRGO m-z” with a 1961 Holmberg article, and “The extremely high internal redshift dispersion in galaxy clusters” (unpublished?). 
File 2 (yellow). “Old: Assign., spannors, plyors” yellow folder - 1986 spannors, plyors, etc.; ab.70 pp. “W.I.P. Astrostatistics” yellow folder – 1988 (W is for von Carl Wirtz), a letter from JFN, other documents. Box 32. Lttr to B. Aberts, 9/4/93. “Gravitation and the Electron” by H. Weyl (PNAS, vol.15, 1929, 323-334) and “integration of the eq-n of evolution in a Banach space” by T. Kato placed elsewhere. Loose from box 32, 1982-87 (some are # 188-related), spannors, fermions. “Tits – Group Tables” – in German, placed to box 30. “2-dim pilot model, 5/1/87 Discards” yellow folder (ab. 60 pp.). 
File 3 (red). Loose from box 32 – 10/85, on Brezis, misc. “Rough Particle Work to Sort” thick yellow folder, 1984. 
File 4 (blue). “Discards” thin folder (ab. 10pp.). More 1985 loose, a 9/18/85 lttr to B. Speh. “Misc. - IV”, 1986 med. thick yellow folder. “Neutrinos” med. thick yellow folder: a 10/17/84 draft of “The number of states of a particle of spin s is not 2s+1,” unpublished; “Theoretical derivation of basic neutrino properties” (with SP, 11pp., unpublished?). “Comp Series: spin 0, wt 0 bundle” yellow folder – 1985, with “The bottom subspaces of the spin 0 weight 0 space on M-bar.” “Spannor Quant.” yellow folder, 1983. 
File 5 (yellow). “Current Rough Work” (light-brown folder), seems to contain some early drafts of # 179. “Steve on Spannors” (med. thick yellow folder), 1982/83. “Estimation of ???-integral, esp. with Hermite fns.” (med.thick yellow), 1985. “Fundamental wave equations + Casimirs” 1986 folder (= subfolder 2) with “Fundamental wave equations as actions of the Casimir of the conformal group” inside, 12/24/86, tx, 11pp. “Almost Kahler Structures” thin 1987. 
File 6 (red). Spannors – Early ??? & 6/85 update” thick. “Real Spannors” (med. thick). “IV – V Go over for IV, Save for V” thick 1986. 
Box 33. 
File 7 (blue). A letter from V. S. Troitsky (preprints placed elsewhere), around 1994. “The muon + Chronoparticle Theory” med. thick – 1981 and on, “The muon as a harmonic conglomerate,” 12/1/87, not on the list, 6pp, subfolder 2. “The Definition of Moving Coordinate Systems in Relativistic Theories” by E.L.Hill (Phys.Rev., 1951) and Hill’s 1945 article placed elsewhere. “Spannors ‘96” with 7/98 note on this folder has some 1986, 1990, and1992 inside. “Cosmology reprints” folder with “Gamma ray bursts from the chronometric perspective” 4/23/93, (first with Zhou, then just IES), 6pp., not on the list, subfolder 5. “Correspondence” (1992 – 1997, ab. 30 letters). “E-mail printout,” 1992-97, ab.30 letters and documents. “Misc letters, e-mail” 1940 – 1995, ab. 20. 
File 8 (yellow). 1997 Corr. with JFN, ab. 6. “Science’ Article Apr 1989.” Feb 12, 87 (or 1998?) from A. Sandage, Feb 20 1998 from IES, reply. “Correspondence” – from a folder, the folder itself discarded; 1991 – 1997, ab. 60 letters. “Original + Early Versions + Edit. Corr.” (# 200-related, as well as # 216-related). “Temporal Smoothing + 4-dim CQFTh 7/88-” (thin). “Weyl Centenary Talk Amherst.” “Hilbert-Schmidt Cohomology of Quantum Fields (incl. Fermions)” (1984, 167-related). “Rough Notes to Sort” (1984, thin). “Notes on Life in the Universe” (yellow thin, 1987?). “Pilot II” (med. thick), 1986, 185-related. 
Drawer – 23 a, ax, t, tx. Box 33 (cont.)
File 1 (blue). Contains “Kahler Structures” (=subfolder 3, med. thick, notes by Z. Zhou, SP, J. Baez; SP’s “Torsion of Almost Complex Structures Determined by Symplectic Transformations,” 2/20/81, 26 pp., and IES’ “Parametrization of solution manifolds and invariance of structures”(discusses two parallelizations), 5/9/88, 7pp.). From an unmarked folder (thin) – 1985 notes. (Subfolder 2 =) “QDOT Sub. -> MN” (MN for Monthly Notices of the Royal Astr.Soc.), 1993-1995 (med. thick); the paper seems not to have been published. To Ken Kellermann 1/5/87; QSO absorbtion lines – his disc with Peterson, Mallik, Burbidge. “FIRAS ’95 Irving’s Review of Pro-Hubble paper” 1995, 1996 (= subfolder 1). “Phenomenological analysis of the redshift-distance relationship for some different types of celestial objects,” with JFK, communicated by J.D.Roberts, CalTech, 7/18/96, unpublished (or/and # 226-related). “The Large Bright Quasar Survey and Comparative Cosmology,” with JFN, 5/10/95 (not on the list), 24pp. “The Width of the Quasar Luminosity Function,” with JFN, 12/15/97, 15pp, not on the list, subf.1. From J.D.Roberts (CalTech): Comments and questions on the Nicoll and Segal ROBUST program, 11/12/97.
File 2 (yellow). “Chronoparticle Theory: O(2,3) etc. (1976)” thick (as early as 1975). 
File 3 (red). “Visvan Mss.” (thick), contains folders “Sandage Corr,” “Cosmology Corr,” 1985-1990. 
File 4 (blue). “LBQS Data” 1994. “LBQS, hard copy” has “Cosmological implications of a large complete quasar sample” (1/22/98, with JFN) – (draft of?) # 224. “Cosmostats” notes 1994. “real spinors on M~” notes 1997. “Visvan revision 1/95 + source material Includes Referee Reports & Corr.” “Infinite Harmonic Repr.” 1977 (thin). “Visvan Comps 1/95, in Notebook + ms” # 216-related (med. thick).
File 5 (yellow). “Roberts” (from CalTech) (thick), 1996. Box 34. 1973 – 1976 research and everyday notes. One other research and everyday notebook (either 60s or 70s). 1964 Soviet trip notes (in a Russian-made notebook). 
File 6 (red). “Child Care / House Work” 1993-1994. “General Log – from 4/22/79” up to 1981 (blank pages discarded by AL). “18.257 Segal, I. Notes on QFT. Notes III. Copy 1.” ab. 130 pp. “Cygnet Note – drafts Worth saving? + Final.” A few pages (year ???) on Weyl system. “Misc. Sci. Notes” with his Kyoto Hotel notes (1967, 1973). 
File 7 (blue). “QFTh w NL Varna + Open set of ???” with “nonlinear quantized eq-ns and regularity in the space of self-adjoint operators,”Note on the nonlinear anharmonic oscillator,“ “Hamiltonian under new vacue,” 1989, 1990. Sci. & Gen. Log 1977. “PNAS Note on CQFT” with “The fixed-time quatized field,” “The quadratic component of the Hamiltonian,” 1988, 1989. “Leftovers – Sing Ops ‘90” with 6/27/91 “The rate of divergence of the expectation value for the second term of the Scattering Matrix” by Z. Zhou; “Cohomology and renormalization in quantum fields,” 10/19/90; “The mathematical nature of the ultraviolet divergences in perturbative QFT: an example,” “Symbolic operators on quantum fields as cohomology classes” (both with Pedersen, and Zhou); 1990, 1991.
File 8 (yellow). “4-dimensional constructive QFTh.” thick 1984 – 1989. “G, R, & lambda - gravity” (med. thick) 1984 – 1988.
Drawer – 24 a, ax, t, tx. Box 34 (cont.)
File 1 (blue). “QFT ’89 with ZZ, trace e^{-s/t} approach” (thick) 1989. “Big Bang + Fundamental Theory” (med. thick) mid 80s. “CQFT 4 dim” with “The existence of local nonlinear quantum fields” (med. thick) 1989. 
File 2 (yellow). “4 dim CQFT (Non Pert)” med. thick 1984, 1985. “Local Observers, ‘89” med. thick with “QM and the Local Observer” 1982 article by Yvon Gauthier (Montreal) 1989. “Line Broadening” med. thick with the 5/9/89 “Local observers in the Einstein universe and the redshift” (not on the list) 1989. To JFN 9/30/93 about the fundamentals of CT for astronomers, 3pp. 
File 3 (red). “Redshift 10/93 Leftovers” (med. thick) with “Local Observers-Text” (17 pp., not on the list), with 11/12/92 “Local observers, the aging of photons, and the chronometric redshift” (3 pp.), with “Physical constraints and mathematical issues in fundamental theory” (unfinished), and other documents. “Local Observers” (thick) with the 4/12/92 “The chronometric redshift from the standpoint of local observers” (5pp.), 1992,1993. Folders on: Dobrev, Moylan. Two letters from France (P. Kree). 
Box 35. 
File 4 (yellow). FOLDERS: “Reprints, student lists, etc.” (thin, 1967?), “G. Denardo” (contains, besides Denardo’s articles, data on R.S.Phillips, corr. Bob Hermann, J.W.Daniel, on Eu. Speer; thin 1981), Klun, R.R.Kallman, S. Berman, R.J.Hughes, on I. Singer (1949 and 1951), L. Garding’s “Mathematics and mathematicians in the new world,” E.C.Gootman, S. Andersen, R. Streater, Ch. Friedman. 
File 5 (red). About 50 documents and/or letters (not from any folder). “Letters of recommendation etc.” –just a few, 60s (the one on SP 1982 and on Eu. Speer put inside). “Students, letters for people” med. thick 1957- 1964. Folder on Xia. 
6. R. Lavine
7. Lennon
8. Lieberman
9. Morgan
10. E. Nelson
11. D. Niederman
12. B. Orsted (two of his articles moved elsewhere). 
13. “Closed Files (Individuals)” 70s. 

File 14 “Misc. Recs.” Contains “Osa, 1947-49; Docs.(letters)”, info on Glassey and on Chadam. 
15. Chernoff
16. Choquet-Bruhat 
17. E. Dolnick
18. Dudley
19. L. Garding
20. E. Hille. 

Drawer – 25 a, ax, t, tx. Box 36
File 1 (blue). “Editorial Corr.” (ab. 20 documents and/or letters) (med. thick), 1987; one of the folders inside is # 177-relatedAbt, Wright (he about # 177: “This paper has a number of serious errors, and should be rejected…”). “Wright Computations” (thin). “Wright Rough Notes” (med. thick). “Radio Source Literature” 1986; 8. 
File 2 (red). “Wright – Typed Mss. Variants of Reply,” it was thick because of multiple # 177 copies (discarded), 1986; contains “The Log N – Log S Relation in the Chronometric Cosmology” 6pp. (never published). “Workshops – Proceedings Transparency Xeroxes,” 1987 (thick) – “On computer-intensive statistical methods in mathematical astronomy,” MIT, Sept 16-18; his report on the Workshop, almost no letters. Box 37. 
File 3 (yellow). Segal’s 8/31/45 document (Ballistic Research Lab, report 571). “Sources – POP(ular) COS(mology)” 1990, 1991 – newspapers, ab.5 letters (including from V. Sauve). “Misc. Lit. on Cosmology – May be useful for book” (thin) 1990(?). “Computer (Eniac?) 1945-46” 6pp. “Was there really a Big Bang?” (with JFN) July 19-24 1993 MIT Summer Session Minicourse. From an untitled folder: 1953-1955 correspondence (ab. 60: Woody, Klee, Coxeter, Rosenbaum, MacLane, on A. Siegel, Koopman, etc). “Correspondence - 1952” ab. 30. *Astronomy Aug 1998* documents (med. thick). 
File 4 (blue). “The Nature of Gravity” (4/24/98 and 5/14/98). “Popular Cosmology - Sources” (up to 1994). “Real Spannors” 6/10/92 notes, au. “Real Spinor Fields - Early” (1996 with a letter to C.N.Yang) four drafts. “Noncommutative geometry” 16pp. (90s? with Oct 3 mark). “IRAS etc. Summaries. Outlines. Misc. Reply fv K&S” Astronomy 1995. Not from a folder: “Conformal Extension of Massive Wave Functions 1/13/96 latest” 1994 – 1996. 
File 5 (red). “Iowa Lecture 1, 10/85” transparencies. “Iowa Lecture 2 & 4, 10/85 (Fragmentary)” transparencies, newspapers (about Sergei Kovalyov, 1995). “Cosmology Talks Transp.” With 1996 e-mail to Doob. “July 25, ’96 Sub. to PNAS.” 226-related (it seems that the 1996-article, communicated by J.D.Roberts, has not been published). “Glazebrook IR Data” 1995. “Origin of delta Project Delta Study” 1995. “High z D.O.Study ” 1995. “Popular Cosmology – Publication Arrs.” 1990 (from P.N.Nevraumont, approving), thin 1994. “Recent EG observations & rational comparative cosmol.” (1988?). *Three letters* (1988, CSS, Dave, prof. E. Grant). *Titles, parables, etc* (suggestions by IEs and others, including from AL). 
File 6 (yellow). “Cosmology Course – notes, etc ’93.” “Analysis III - Original” by SP, 120 pp. “The Seifert-Quasar Connection” with JFN 21 pp. about 1985, unpublished. “The Day Steve Drowned as Recollected by Irving Segal” 22 pp., 1983. *In Memoriam* (Stephen Paneitz). *226-related* documents and corr.; 1994-1995 (the article has only been published in 2000). 
File 7 (blue). “Science Article 3/97”(= subfolder 3) with JFN “The empirical flux-redshift relation as derived from complete samples in four wave bands”, draft of 3/25/97, 11pp, with a few letters, unpublished. “PNAS9/95-” contains 1996, 1997 corr. – mostly related to the “Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation of the cosmic redshift distance relations” (it has been rejected by PNAS, still unpublished) with 7/1/97 “Reply to the report by D. Lynden-Bell on that paper.” Box 38. “NSF 9/82” has A. Weil’s letter (old?) inside, ab.10. A few 1991 letters regarding redshift, etc. From Donald Lynden-Bell (with his article), 1986. “EMSS + NAS Symp. Corr.” 1991, 7. J. E. Wampler corr. with (with a letter to E. Wright, 5pp., 922/86). Astronomy sources, ab.20 (discarded, other than titles). “Goursat leftovers” includes his “Interim note on irreducibility of space of finite Einstein energy solutions of the wave equation under the action of the Poincare group P, 8/15/87.”
File 8 (green) “NSF + Govt, < ’78.” 
File 9 (green, untitled) – like the above but years 1982, 1983; ab. 30 letters and documents. 

Drawer – 26 a, ax, t, tx. Box 38
File 1 (blue). Yellow folder contains “Comparative statistical cosmology in the pre-evolutionary redshift regime” (with JFN, P. Wu) about 1990, a dozen of pages, au, drafts, etc. “Conserve Energy: stop the expansion of the Universe!” (long, 2/11/98) and # 217 of 1/5/97. From Matveichuk (Kazan) asking his opinion on an article, 1994. His work on # 128. “Corr. with Steve, Superseded work & drafts” 1980. 
File 2 (red). “Recap II on chronometric particle theory” 2/15/81-1 40pp (some missing). About 50 pp of his research notes – 1980? “CBR – fluctuations / new work” 1982. *1982 correspondence regarding criticism of # 110 by Kapusta,* contains 1978 corr. regarding Segal’s biography. *1982 SP’s letters and work.* About 20 1981-1982 letters and documents. Untitled yellow folder – about 30 1982 letters and documents. 
File 3 (yellow). “Material for Analysis in Bundles II” 1981. “YME – Scattering.” *About 20 1982 letters and documents* with 7/28/81 “Chronometric Units.” “Glossy for Osmer QSO study” – in an envelope. *About 20 letters and documents* - includes six peer letters on his 1982 proposal, and Clausthal 1982 – a yellow folder. Weizsacker 1982 articles removed. “Trips and visits” 1982. 
File 4 (red). “Robust long version.” “Computations / Formulas / Handwritten” by SP 1980, 1981. Box 39. “Operator algebras ICM panel” – ab.20, 1969. “ICM Q.F. Panel” 1969, 30, Bogoliouboff, gelfand, Kastler, Regge, Wightman, etc. “Wkly Seminar” 1966, MIT, 12. “Travel plans 64-65” 10. “Q.F. Notes: Corrections + Comments” 1986, includes “Course Notes” and “Introduction to the mathematical theory of QF” ab.100pp. “Kyril Tintarev” folder only contains IES au notes, ab.12 pp; 20 more au pages (from box 39) put inside. 
File 5 (blue). *5 1962 letters* (“support”). “ICM 1966” contains “Functional Integration and non-linear PDE” (changed from “Infinite-dimensional function theory and non-linear PDE”), as well as its proofreads, it had to be published in the ICM Proceedings but it is not on the list, ab.20. “Free particles” 10 au pages. *1959 letter from E. Hewitt cc F.J.Weyl.* *Rep of a boson field in a space of holomorphic functionals* 15 pages. “Misc. math. notes” 10 pages (*manifolds,* around 1960?). “Affiliated observables” QFT, 20 au pages, around 1970? *30 misc au pages from box 39.* “PDEs, Funct. Int., Feynman” 10 au pages. “Bilinear Interactions” work on, 30 au pages. “Misc Mostly Fields & Theory” around 1955, 30 au pp. “Translations Comm. II Minority report” 1964, 20pp. “Current Corr.” 1960 – 1964, 100 letters. “90: Kyoto Talk Original” 1974, “The C*-algebraic standpoint in constructive QFT.”
File 6 (yellow). “Old ??? Algebra MS” around 1955, 100 pages. “Partially ordered Banach spaces” old, 40 au pp. “Complex extensions” with his # 21, around 1954? 20 au pp. “Closed ideals in group algebras” old, 30 au pp. “??? Hyper. Ops. On Lie groups, etc.” 30 au pp. “???” old 7 au pp. *Untitled* contains “Blashke Products as Laplace-Stieltjes Integrals” old 80 au pp. “Old material” 50 au pp. Misc from box 39 – 50 au pages, 1958. “Bilinear bosons” with “Mathematical structure of the S-matrix for linearly coupled bosons,” 40 au and t pp. (early 60s?). 

Drawer – 27 a, ax, t, tx. Box 39 (cont.)
File 1 (red). The content of a few thin folders includes “Solutions of ordinary non-linear DE with bounded derivatives near a singularity” (mid 50s?). “Misc corr 1965” 12. “1967 Corr” 80. “1966 -” corr. 100 (including Singer, Jaffe, and many others; 1966). 
File 2 (blue). “1966 - II” 100 (Borchers, Biedenharn, W. T. Martin, J. Lester, J. Feldman, etc). “1964 – Corr.” 150 (includes a letter from N.N.Bogolubov). “1965 -” 20. “Visit to Gelfand” 1964, 8. “???” 7 au pages. “Gen. Corr. – ‘69” 30 (incl. Nachbin, Palais, jorgens – 1968, to Cox on Bongaarts). “Construction…Msc” # 76-related, 70pp. 
File 3 (yellow). “Yeshiva visit” 1969,8. “Boston PG Institute” (his?) proposal, 1963-1964, ab. 50 letters and documents. “Low priority stuff” 1965 – 1968, 12. “Math Phys Corr” 1968 – 1969, 20. “AMS translations” 1967 20 (includes Izv. Akad. Nauk Vol.29 (1965) 1-6 with some publications not recommended for translation?). 
File 4 (red). “1965 Corr., etc” with his proposals, 200 letters and documents (with some 1964). Box 39 done. Box 40. “Plyors, esp. Omega ” has 5/25/?? ab. 60 au pp. “ Expansion – Explicit Comp. - Interaction” has 7/11/86 ab. 40 au pp. “Bare Quanta – via C*-algebra” 1983 and 1986 ab. 50 au and t pp.
File 5 (blue). “Particles: Outlines, Programs” ab. 16 au pp., 1980? “Final Revision of IV” 1986-1987? ab. 130 t pp. “IV, as revised 10/86” ab. 130 t. “18 Moscow Lect transp./Varna Art.”, 12 “Life in the Universe,” just one newspaper article. “Financial Stuff” 1987, 1989. “14 Strichartz” 1987, letters, 10 au pp. “11 Burstein/Fisher” astr. 1987 a few letters. “1/11/87 Cosmic Observers” 5 au pp. “3/20/88 Comment on the elliptic/hyperbolic connection” related to Helgason’s book, 2 t pp. “The Plyor Casimir & Maxwell Eqs” just 2 au pp. on 2-dim case. “Assignments” contains ab. 20 au (seem to be IV-related) pages, 1986. “Quasar Study 89” 1989 ab. 20 pp. (tables). 
Files 6, 7. Original file (green) “Sci. Politics” (very thick) includes “A Collection of Documents on Pontryagin” compiled by N. Jacobson, 1977 - broken into two files.