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Drawer – 15 a, ax, t, tx. Box 19 (cont.) 
File 1 (red) “Misc to file 11/86” (yellow) envelope (= SbFld 4): C. Chevalley on N. Bourbaki, Final Project Report on his (with SP) NSF grant, “Particle Theory and Global Geometry” (notes of his 1980 lecture in Claustal, #142 is larger), “Italy, 12/84” folder, Jerusalem Einstein Centennial Symposium (March 14-23, 1979). “Misc to file 11/86” (manila) envelope (= SbFld 3): JFN, Paul ? (Hodge? from Paris), “Global theory of nonlinear wave eq-ns”, # 162-related. His 1983 MIT new courses syllabi. F. Press (NAS President), S.-T.Yau, M. Strandberg (with two articles – SR & GR, MIT), D. Roscoe, A. Mattuck, and others; “Trieste Talk” folder. “Astrophysics Lit”: M. Reynolds, S. Kleiman. His Memo to DK (“Nuisance”, 4/23/82, “…this is your last warning Segal…” in SbFld 2). In a transparent subfolder: “Statement concerning M.H.Stone’s qualifications for the National Medal of Science”. Letters in support of I.M.Gelfand for the Heineman Prize. E. Hewitt, D. Wills. “Yang-Mills – Marsden Corr.”: A. van der Merwe, to Dr. Finkelstein (in SbFld 1), B. Kay, R. Penrose (6/1/81 – indicating “…that the distribution solutions of the Maxwell eq-ns on R^1xSU(2) are the same as those lifted up from U(2)... I hope this clarifies the matter we discussed last year. Cc: Prof. R. Wells”). NSF proposal evaluation form. T.Johnson, T. Kawai, Tom (Branson?), J.E. Marsden (his reply to him, includes “Erratum: I thank …for pointing out an inaccuracy in # 111…On p.185, line 19, b+1 should be B; on p.190, line 16, two should be inserted following ‘first’ ”), V. Moncrief. The dispute with J. Marsden ended (?) in M.’s withdrawal of his review (in Math.Rev.) of Segal’s paper (# 111). 
File 2 (yellow) “ICM Seminar” (International Congress of Mathematicians at Nice, 1970). J. Leray, R. Kallman, Walter (Strauss or Littman ?), Albert (1969), W. Faris (a physicist?, very interested in Segal’s work), M. Reed, E. Speer, J. Dieudonne (asks Segal to preside at an ICM session), Morawetz. “Talks partially written up” (80s?, transparences, mostly); there is his letter to the Phys.Rev.Editors regarding that #110 “is shown to be erroneous” (Joseph I. Kapusta, Phys.Rev. D 24, 426-439); IES refutes it; however, a correction (not in this folder) is (said to be) enclosed. “Nice ICM – absence of Soviets, etc” – it has “Nice ICM – scientific notes” inside (both are rather thin folders). “Misc. to file” (thin, Roscoe, Deutch, others – 1984). “Esoteric Superstition File” (almost empty: “The First Fireball” by H. Pagels – the NY Times, March 13, 1982; “Fickle Universe”). 
File 3 (blue) – from box 19 but not in any of his folders (1972-86), corr. with many (G. de Vaucouleurs among them); astronomy, mostly. Contains “The Evolution of Optically Discovered Quasars“ by D.W.Weedman with references to Segal. From Richard Thomas (27 October 1982): “Irv, HEY –CONGRATULATIONS --- apparently you’ve broken at least some of the party-line barricades, according to Le Monde of today (enclosed)…” The article (with English translation) is there, too. From E. Kohler (the author of “Superluminal Velocities and Chronogeometry”: “…As I agree with you on several points I am altering the paper accordingly…” 
File 4 (red) “3/95 -/Sandage Reply/Typed MSS.+Outlines, Sandage reprint/Corr.” Seem to contain two Segal’s articles (drafts): “Further Confirmation on the Nonlinearity of the Redshift-Distance Relation”, “Predictions of Redshift-Distance Power Laws for Directly Observable Quantities in Complete Galaxy Samples at very Low Redshifts.” The file contains (“as of 4/5/95” and 4/11/95) “Apparent Nonlinearity of the Ultralocal Redshift-Distance Relation” (with JFN, unpublished). 
File 5 (yellow) – “Early Graphs, Sandage Reply” (in a yellow envelope) and untitled (in a yellow envelope). Box 20. Not from any of his folders: 1987 (N. Wiener proposals-drafts), to B. Kostant (about them), “Segal’s proposal” (very thin). MIT Dept.of math. Directory for 1986-87. 
File 6 (blue) – untitled folder (thin) – contains 9pp proposal (Intro, Intellectual Philosophy, Planning Process, Principal Personnel, Other Groups and Sectors, Biographical Sketch of PI – Segal) and “proposal 1/29/88” floppy disc. NSF proposal and related documents (one has an approval from the Dean Gene Brown on it). 
File 7 “NSF 1983-”(thick, dark-green). Contains “Proposal for Research in FA and Applications to Fundamental Physics” (1984?) 
File 8 “Astronomy proposals” (thick, dark-green; 1981-83). The “Research proposal for a project in statistical and theoretical cosmology” has been rejected (letter from F.S.Johnson, 5/2/83); of 8 ratings: 2-very good, 1-good,2-fair,3-poor. Some of those reports are in the file. His letter to J.P.Wright regarding them. “Statistical extra-galactic astronomy/ A paradigm for the treatment of populations of limited accessibility.” 
File 9 “12/84 NASA Proposal”(thick, dark-green, 1970-, 1984-87) Contains about 10 proposals to different agencies. Jon Haass, JFN. Some extra copies discarded.
File 10 Untitled (thick, dark-green). Contains NASA 1987 proposal “Discrete Extragalactic Sources at Infrared and Other Wavelengths” (with Professor R. Dudley, an au letter from him to Segal, 2/10/87). 
Drawer – 16 a, ax, t, tx. Box 20 (cont.) 
File 1 (red) – “Uniformity of radios dist. Of QSOs 10/79” (1980 and other yrs, thick yellow folder). H. Abt, A. Dalgarno, Dan Weedman, and others. 
File 2 (yellow) – “My Q.M. Course Notes” (late 30s or Univ. of Chicago?). “R.O.-Lecture Notes (Mine); Rings of Operators” (Univ. of Chicago?). “Philosophy & Logic 1975-77” (E. McMullin, “Two Faces of Science” and two more; H. Ekstein: “Is Physical Space Unique or Optional”). From J.A.Wolf, 11/19/73, regarding B. Kostant communication about number of orbits for certain group actions on real flag manifolds; he was interested in learning the general setup with which IES was applying these real flag manifolds. “Development of QFT” (not on the list), An invited talk presented at the Symposium “The Past Decade in Particle Theory” at the U of Texas in Austin on April 14-17, 1970; published in Fields and Quanta, 2, 51-91 (1971), printed in Exeter, England. A letter (10/2/63) from W. Stinespring with his (with D. Shale) article “States of the Clifford Algebra.” 
File 3 (blue) - “MNRAS Corr.”(1978-80) # 115-related documents, mostly; published after long debate. Many documents and names. 
File 4 “CGS, OSR -1/63” (thick yellow folder, in a dark-green untitled hanger, 1960 -). Contains “Application of Global Analysis to Modern Theoretical Physics” proposal, 3/15/66. Final Report on AF-AFOSR-342-63 (9/15/64).3/12/69 NSF proposal. 11/6/63 proposal, and earlier ones.
File 5 “NSF Math Institute” (thick, dark-green, 1978 - ). Ken Hoffman, H. Hironaka, and others.
File 6 “1982 Astronomy Proposals…” (thick, dark-green, 1982-83). Harish-Chandra, “Reply to the comment by C.J.Goebel entitled “Angular momentum of the cosmic background radiation” ”, Phys.Rev. D, Volume 27, n.4, pp.27-28 A. Thaler, a number of referees’ reports, “Astronomy NSF Evaluations” (yellow folder). IES has sent a reconsideration request. 
File 7 “Roberts” (NAS documents, 1992 – 1997; thick, dark-green). In particular, 2/1/97 from J. D. Roberts: “…if Iz (=Singer, AL) can see for himself that there has been unreasonable due process in preventing your paper from being published, he would be a powerful ally to have on board. You could also point out to him that I would be glad to provide him with the statements of three NAS Section members from astronomy who have indicated that the paper should be accepted whether they like the results or not…” N. Cozzarelli (PNAS Editor, #226 was rejected), I. Singer, E. M. Burbidge, G. Efstathiou. “Thought Experiments with Luminous Objects” (from Cal.Inst.Tech, Chemistry Dept). “Review of Noncommutative Geometry by a. Connes.” (Another review, by V. Jones and H. Moscovici, appeared in the Notices, Aug 97). 
File 8 “RC 3  ApJ 3/97” (med. thick, dark-green). It is # 218 (versions of 2/22/97, 5/30/97, 6/30/97, and of 7/24/97). Referee’s report on 2/22/97 version.
File 9 “Constructive – Mt. Holy” (# 214, AMS Summer 1996 Colloquium at Mt. Holyoke). 6 February 1997/Typos, etc. corrected 12 May 1997. “Referee’s comments” on it. 
File 10 “Eciclopedia Italiano” (thick, dark-green, -1998). An article for that Enc.: “Noncommutative Geometry” by IES, 28pp. M. Volpin. On M. Haft (who was applying for a position at MIT, 1997).
File 11“Time Dilation”(thin, dark-green, 1997). His “Is the Universe Expanding? A Reply” (with request to be published in NATURE). Extra copies discarded.
File 12 “Quasars 98, PNAS, Prelims” (thick, dark-green, - 1998). “ The width of the quasar luminosity function”, 17pp, 12/15/97 – unpublished). “# 224”. Extra copies discarded. Maarten, E. M. Burbidge. Reply to Referee. 
File 13 “Real Spinors” (med. thick, dark-green,#221-related, 1996). (A version of?) this article (“Real spinor fields, QED, and the V-A interaction”) has been declined by the J. Math.Phys. (a letter 4/29/97 from R. Newton, Editor). Report (sent to IES on 10/24/96): “This paper is not suitable for publication. It starts with a rather clumsy treatment of standard material known (in a different language) to every serious student of QFT, that is the use of real or Majorana fields to describe particles. It then goes on to propose a manifestly wrong model of the electroweak interactions, and to supply wild yet lame excuses for its phenomenological problems.” 2/16/97 IES refutes the report (on 2 pp). “Possible Redundancy of half of the Dirac electron modes” (3/28/96, 4/1/96, 4/8/96, 4/14/96 – unpublished). Earlier in 1996, it has been sent to Phys.Rev.D – declined (with somewhat better Referee’s report; the Refere says, however, that “…Weak neutral currents are not V-A (exactly or approximately)”). IES refutes that report (6/13/96, two pp). C.N.Yang (Physics, MIT), Nambu (? IES mentions him as a possible Referee). 
File 14 “ODOT  M.M. 1/94” (thin, dark-green, 1993-). “Parallel tests of alternative redshift-distance laws…” – not published (under that title, at least), there is its version of 31 December 1993. Report (by W. Saunders?). “Astron. Corr. & SUCH” (thin yellow folder). “L  Phys Today 5.9.96” (thin yellow folder), the letter was declined. Prof. White, J. Randall, E. Wright, G. Smoot, D. Wilkinson, and others.
File 15 “Misc” (thin, dark-green, 1993)”Swedish NFR ‘97” (med. thin yellow folder, it was as separate in box 21; contains his opinion on a group of researchers in math phys; “Top, middle, and low” groups; some pages are missing; some of the names are A. Fogden, K. Johansson, A. Alekseev, G. Bergquist, M. de Gosson, P. Kurasov, D. Leites, P. Kroger, R. Kallstrom, P. Petersson, B. Shapiro, C.-M. Claudel, E. Langmann, M. Natiello, A. Stolin). 
Box 22
File 16 “NSF + Govt; ’78-‘80” (thick, dark-green). “A new determination of the motion of the sun and related problems in cosmological statistics” was not supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (1978). NSF: “Math Analysis of Fields and Particles”(1978, renewal request), other proposals and progress reports. 12 July 1979 – NSF grant awarded. Jacobsen, Speh, Orsted, Rosen; senators E. Kennedy, J. Shannon, P.Tsongas. 
File 17 “NSF ‘88+89” (dark-green). Includes, in particular, “The mathematical theory of fields and particles,” projects’ summaries, results from prior NSF support, etc. Three thin (all yellow) folders have been put inside: “Yang-Mills – Ham. Structures with Constraints” (early 80s?), “Misc. Short Articles” (“Quantization of non-linear systems”, IES, Chicago; marked as unpublished, could later go as # 41?). “1965-66 18.37 Notes (by Graham)” – 18.37 Class Notes: The wave eq-n, Basics of C*-Algebras.

Drawer – 17 a, ax, t, tx. Box 22. 
File 1 (blue) – “Nonparametric…, 1979” (#118-related, 1979 - ). “The dependence on the redshift-distance exponent of the regression of redshift on apparent magnitude”, 13pp, Feb 1979 (not published under that title). “Robust statistical analysis of complete samples” (with JFN, Jan 1979) - not published under that title. “# 91” (typed manuscript).
File 2 (red) contains: “OSO Group Corr.”(1981, #138-related); “Soneira Reply – Dalgarno Corr. & Dups.”(1979 - , the above – see File 1 - Feb 79 article – related; has other documents in it too); contains “A Correction: the redshift-distance square law and the observational magnitude cutoff bias” (# 137); contains “The redshift-distance square law for low-redshift galaxies” (with JFN, unpublished?); contains “Correction of an unfounded criticism of the phenomenological redshift-distance square law” (with JFN, unpublished? # 138 - related). Many documents and names. 
Box 23.
File 3 (dark-green). “General varieties of temporal irreversibility” (11/30/79, with A. Rechel-Cohn, unpublished?). “Apparent nonconservation of parity and global geometry” (unpublished?). “Corr. of historical int.” (red) folder (1966, 1969 – to J. Glimm and A. Jaffe, 1972 – to W. Rosen). “QSMER QSO Sample (1982: Study abandoned)” (yellow) folder (“Comparisons of bias-free quasar luminosity functions” – with JFN – unpublished?; “Quasar luminosity functions after removal of cutoff bias” - unpublished?; 1981 - . “Wright Flap” (yellow) folder.
File 4 (dark-green). “Explanation of nonconservation of parity 1987” (bright-yellow) folder – contains #180-related documents; “Restoration of invariance under space inversion” was its title for a while. A few #137-related documents. “NSF Proposals Corr. I-‘68” (yellow) folder – contains, however, just #129, printed. “Misc. ~ 86-87” (contains 83 – 86 documents; L. Caffarelli, J. Jugaku, R. Tayler, and others). # 172-related (original, yellow) folder. 
File 5 (red). “Spatial Homogeneity, PNAS 1982” (yellow, #132-related folder). “Maxwell article” (yellow, #130-related) folder. “GRG Wormald Rebuttal” (yellow, contains many # 155-related letters) folder. A note from M. Kon. (Unsorted?) 1986 notes by IES, a few letters. “Nonlinear quantized equations and regularity in the space of self-adjoint operators” (3pp, with a “” mark, 9/7/90, unpublished?). 
File 6 (blue). “Heavy leptons - Mass” (about 12 pp, 4/15/?? and one unknown date): “Let’s compute in coordinates, … and see whether and when … has almost exact mass.” “Muon decay” folder (med. thick, 1983-85; contains 4/17/85, au). 1986 notes (# 185-related calculations?), au, not in a folder. More # 185-related (in an envelope, au). “Acceleration + Mass” (not in a folder notes, 4/5/87, au). 4/15/?? notes, au. “Extensions, other work with Birgit”(Speh), thick folder, 1973-1980; “Gravitational stability of matter on a sphere” (January 1979, unpublished?); H. Jacobsen. “GR Redshift Comp.” “Spannors in 2 dims,” au. “Spannor fields as tensor products” (not his HR-Orsted?).
File 7 (yellow). “Wiener Obit Material” (med. thick yellow folder, around 1980) – contains, in particular, “Norbert Wiener’s Work on the Brownian Motion and Some of Its Impact” by W.T.Martin, MIT, 65pp. Notes from I. Todorov, a letter from him. “Daily, Scientific & Professional Log (April 1978 -)/ House Log, Jan, 1987 –“. 
File 8 (red). From page one: “Scientific & Prof. Diary: From 7/7/86.” “Classical Goursat Problem 1/86” (in a yellow folder with similar title, thin). Untitled folder (1984): a few articles’ drafts (not all published?), a letter to L. Gross. “The non-linear Weyl relations and QFT” (lecture at Weyl Symp, Amherst, 10/27/85). “Academic Press” (old title?) and “QCD Work to Sort” folder (1986): I. Todorov, Ph. Courrege (1974). “Quasi-Relativistic Potential Scattering” (1985-, yellow, med. thick); contains, in particular, “Subsumption of scattering in 2-dim Minkowski space under classical Goursat problems in the universal cover of its compactification”(10/10/85) – one page. 
File 9 “Radiation in E.U.” (dark-green, # 152-related, 1982 -) . “CBR Literature” (yellow folder). “The Plank law for quantum fields with supplementary invariant constraints and the Woody-Richards anomaly” (with an “early draft” mark; never published?). “Maximal-entropy states of quantum fields with supplementary invariant constraints and the Woody-Richards anomaly” (never published?). “Edition of low-Nordstrom” (yellow) folder.

Drawer – 18 a, ax, t, tx. Box 24
File 1 (blue). “Grade B – Sources, QFT Notes” (yellow thin) folder: 60s, Chaiken. “Grade C – Sources for QFT Notes” (yellow thin) folder: has one yr 1984 document. “Grade A – Sources for QFT Notes” (yellow thin) folder: has “QF Notes, Ch. III” folder inside; it contains, in particular, years 1970, 1984 documents. Book 9 –related documents (IES gets 50%). “GPB”(?) (thick yellow) folder – book 9 –related; has a Referee’s report inside. 1994 his Summer Course documents. 
File 2 (yellow). “Seiferts + Spinrad Data” (yellow thick) folder: has (drafts of?) “Apparent irregularities in the distribution of galaxies as an implication of a local quadratic redshift-distance law” (with JFN) and “Seyfert 1 galaxies and the local redshift-distance law” (with E.G.Blackman). Box 25 “Visvan”(thick) yellow folder (1993-); contains astronomy pubns documents (# 216-related as well as “Statistically efficient tests of the Hubble and Lundmark laws at very low redshifts”, 66pp, with JFN, not published under that title; in a 9/2/94 letter to H. Abt the title is changed to #216). 
File 3 (red). “Visvan 2/25/94” (thin yellow) folder. More Visvan documents. “Visvan Corr” yellow folder (1995-). Box 26. To P. Lax on L. Garding (8/19/86). A folder: 1978, #105-related. 
File 4 “Visvan” (dark-green, med. thick). 
File 5 “Visvan III” (dark-green, thin).
File 6 “Trieste Talk - 1981”
File 7 “Conferences, finished” (1970-1983)
File 8 “Old Conferences, Visits” (thick, 1981-1990)
File 9 “References to look up, etc” (very thick)
File 10 “Foreign Visitors + NSF” (1981-86: Berestycki, Lions, and many other) 

Drawer – 19 a, ax, t, tx. Box 26 (cont.)
File 1 (red) – contains documents from box 27, which were not in original folders. Years 1980, 83, and others. Contains a “1972/3 Corr.” yellow paper folder (dozens of letters). A letter on I. Singer (1949). “1970-1971Visits Support – Visits 1971-72”
File 2 “Durham Conf” (1988); “Visitors – short term”(1979, Tits, Connes, Peterson, others); 
File 3 “AAS & AU Meetings” (1986 – 95). 
File 4 “Russian Visit 1987 ?” (contains a “List of known lost items belonging to academician I.E.Segal and removed from room 913, hotel of AN USSR, corpus 2, during his temporary absence in Leningrad” among other documents).
File 5 (blue) – misc documents (1986, mostly) from box 26 which were not in his folders; a yellow folder “Worthwhile-optional”. 
File 6 “Gr. Th. Confs.” (83 – 87)
File 7 “Lichnerowicz / Paris / June 86” (contains, in particular, “C*-quantization of induced bundles” – seems to be a (preliminary?) version of #182). 
File 8 “Stat. Methods / 12-16 Sept., 83” (Astronomy).
File 9 “Corr.- Particle Phys.”(1986)
File 10 “Seminars invitations etc.”(1983)
File 11“Summer ’83 Liege”
File 12 “Modern Astron. Gr.”(86) Box 27 
File 13 “1971-72 Plans Europe+ Leave 1971-72” (Leray, Raczka, Setti, Barner, &)
File 14 “Midwest Trip ‘76” (I.A.U. trip). 
File 15 “Financial Review Panel Space, 1980s” (Astronomy)
File 16 “1978 Corr.” (thick, has other years too)
File 17 “Old Conference Records, Reports” (1976 ; contains, in particular, # 95 – draft of)
File 18 “Leave etc 1979-80”
File 19 “Oberwolfach” (Contains, in particular, a “Birth Certificates” folder with the original and a copy of his daughter, Karen Birgitte Segal, birth certificate G; his 1945 Honorable Discharge documents, his Separation Qualification Record (1945, Army of the United States), 1956 Aase Segal (his wife) Permit to Reenter the US, and other documents). His 1983 retirement plan (copy of) with his son as beneficiary; his application for TIAA and CREF retirement contract and Certificate, 1980.
File 20 “Dups. ITR, 1974 - ” contains “Clairs’ Letters to A (some)” paper folder (AL: A. is someone named Andy); his house purchase documents, a 1978 letter to Karen from Peggy Dood; a copy of Karen’s Spring 1978 Grade Report (from Kopenhagen Int. School); Karen’s Birth Certificate I. “Dup’s of A-correspondence” paper folder. 
File 21“Misc, PRGs to hold” 1949, 1951, 1983, 84; many names.
File 22 “Will+Estate+Pension etc” (thick). Contains his 1964 will, and about 50 other documents.
File 23 “Chrono-Micro-Physics” (1987).

Drawer – 20 a, ax, t, tx. Box 28
File 1 (blue). Contains “Corr. 1969-70” yellow folder (about 100). Misc. – not in folders – from box 28; about 170. 
File 2 (yellow). Contains “Corr. 68” yellow folder (about 140). Misc. – not in folders – from box 28; about 130. 
File 3 (red). Contains “Non-res??? stuff ??? file” yellow folder (about 20) with a letter from A. Weil of 12/16/1962 confirming Segal’s math. Statement. J. Wolfowitz, R. Howe, B.R.Gelbaum. “Notes on Currents in Advanced Mathematical Work in the United States,”early 70s?, tx,10 pp. “Correction of erroneous presentation of chronometric redshift theory. Number 111 July 1977 preprint” yellow folder (ab. 20). “Ltts. of Recommendation” (ab.20). “Corr. 1966-67” (ab. 70). Box 29 Proceedings of the Conference on Functional Integration and Constructive QFT, April 28-30, 1966, MIT, Edited by IES with his “Non-linear functions of random distributions and generalized normal products”, pp.80-87, not on his list?
File 4 (blue) “Statistical Cosmology – various versions” (thick yellow folder, the content has been sorted by AL). “The Basic Analytic Framework of Positivistic Analysis of The Redshift Phenomenon” (ax, 13pp). “Observational Truncation and Rational Cosmology” (with JFN, 34pp, t, unpublished?; the second copy has many corrections by IES). One other version (=same title) has 97 pp plus tables. “Statistical Cosmology” (137 pp., unpublished). His notebook (starts 9/24/81, 8/15/81 – closer to the end; empty pages removed by AL).
File 5 (yellow) “The Nature of Gravity – Draft, 4/20/98” (from his “Perihelion Stuff” folder). “Popular Math. Cosmology - AMM” (3/29/82 Talk to Radio Astronomy Group, 16pp); from September 1987 MIT Workshop on Computer-Intensive Statistics in Cosmology – Chronometric Cosmology, 10pp; #171 discarded. “Physics of Extreme Distances (some particle Theors)” yellow folder (1987, “Restoration of Discrete Elementary Particle Symmetries” with B. Orsted, S. Paneitz (deceased), D. Vogan, 4pp, mid80s?.; “The electron-muon neutrino distinction and other proposed particle identifications in chronometric theory,” 13 pp.; some of the items seem to be drafts of # 180. “My Notes of Others’ Lectures” yellow folder (Vogan, Brezis, Helgason, etc). 
File 6 (red). “Corr. On Superluminals 1/23/87” (10 or so). “Superluminals” (# 187-related). “My Superluminal MSS 3/88, 6/88” – “Nonparametric estimation of the cosmic distance scale from directly observed data”, Jan 1988, 14pp. plus tables (could be a draft of # 187 as well as “Superluminal motions, comparative cosmology, and the extragalactic distance scale,” June 1988). “Stochastic N.L.P.D.E. plus QFT, 1963.” 
File 7 *A, B* folder. Letters (1954-89) to/from/on Simon, Tits, Wreszinski, Abrahamson, Blattner, Taylor (on possible move to UCLA, 1959), von Meumann, Saunders, Yvonne (Choquet-B.), about 70 items. 
File 8 *C,D,E* folder. About 20 items. His “The continuity character of quantum-mechanical motions” (draft of, early 70s?, never published?). “Physics in the maximal isotropic space-time” (12/85, End as of 1/3/86; 74 pp., not published?). 
File 9 *P,S*(about 40 items). “The Philosophical Interpretation of Modern Physics” by C.F.v.Weizacker moved to an OPP box.