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(not on the List)/unpublished/unfinished manuscripts. They are listed chronologically (or alphabetically by title when the year is unknown). 3-8 means “Drawer 3, folder 8”; 13-4.4 means “Drawer 13, folder 4, subfolder 4,” etc.
Publications of Irving Segal, which were not on the List of his publications (in the Memorial Issue of the Journal of Functional Analysis)

Review of “Fourier Transforms” (by Bochner and Chandrasekharan), Bull. AMS 56(1950), 526-528. 3-7.
Review of “Darstellungstheorie unendlicher gruppen und fastperiodische functionen” (by W. Maak), Bull. AMS 60(1954), 569-570. 3-8.
Review of “Mathematical aspects of the quantum theory of fields” (by K. O. Friedrichs), Bull. AMS 60(1954), 569-570. 3-8.
“Non-linear functions of random distributions and generalized normal products” – In Proceedings of the Conference on Functional Integration and Constructive QFT, April 28-30, 1966, MIT (Edited by Irving Segal), pp. 80 – 87. 20-3.
“Conjugacy to unitary groups within the infinite-dimensional symplectic group” June 1966, 11pp. Argonne national Laboratory ANL-7216 TID-4500 AEC Research and Development Report. 3-9. 
“The mathematical theory of quantum fields (or exactly how is energy converted into mass, and vice versa?)”, Extracted from OAR Research Review vol. IX No.3, May-June 1970, pp.10-12. 1-1 
“Development of Quantum Field Theory” (not on the list), An invited talk presented at the Symposium “The Past Decade in Particle Theory” at the University of Texas in Austin on April 14-17, 1970; published in Fields and Quanta, 2, 51-91 (1971), printed in Exeter, England. 35-5.
“Is There a Non-trivial Universal Physics?” / pp.241-245 of the Proceedings of the 4th Intl Conf on the Unity of the Sciences, Nov 27-30, 1975, New York. 1-1 (a draft is in 10-10, as well as some of the Conf materials), and in 30-14, and (a draft) in 31-7.
“Conformal Covariance and Fundamental Particles” contributed paper to PANIC XII (International Conference on Particles and Nuclei, MIT, June 25-29, 1990), 2 pages. 1-3.

Unpublished/Unfinished Manuscripts
“A unified model for the symmetry group of the elementary particles” (1957 ?) t, 4pp. 13-4.4.
“A mathematical model for the system of all elementary particles” (1957 ?) t, 10pp. 13-4.
“Convergent models for quantum electrodynamics” (1957 ?) t, 6pp. 13-4.
“Notes on Currents in Advanced Mathematical Work in the United States,”3/27/61, tx,10 pp. 20-3.4; 31-1.
“Physical and parametric space in quantum field theory” 4/24/65 (Seminaire de MECHANIQUE CELESTE et MECHANIQUE ANALYTIQUE – presented to by IES), 17pp, 22-1 and in 34-5. 
“Mathematical Theory of Quantum Fields” Lectures by IES at MIT, spring 1971, unpublished (in that form), tx, about 150 pp; 30-2.1.
“Some general principles of symmetry breaking and the nature of the weak interactions” 10/4/78, 13 tx pp; 33-3.
“Gravitational stability of matter on a sphere” (January 1979, unfiniished?), tx, few pages. 17-6.1. 
“The dependance of the redshift-distance exponent of the regression of redshift on apparent magnitude” t, Feb 1979, 12pp, 4-2; 17-1; 34-1. 
”Deformation of Chronometric Theory into SRT” t, (April 1979? Its later version is “Conservation of Parity in the Chronometric Theory” – see below), 10pp. 13-1.
”Parity and the Chronometric Principle” (“Draft 0 (Pre-draft)”, 4/8/79), t, 9pp. 13-1.
“Robust statistical analysis of complete samples” t, (with Nicoll), 13 (+7)pp, May 1979. 4-2; 17-1.
“Conservation of Parity in the Chronometric Theory” (with his October 15, 1979 letter, t, indicating that it “is a draft of the first section of our article on parity conservation”), t, with H. Jacobsen, B. Orsted, B. Speh; 10pp. 13-1.
Draft, 11/30/79 – “General Varieties of Temporal Irreversibility” t, 15pp., unfinished, with A. Rechel-Cohn (Harvard University), not on the list. Abstract: Several partially new general varieties of temporal irreversibility are developed, exemplified, and related to entropy. These are related to the following physical constraints: (1) the classical character of the observables actually measured in an experimental probe of the state of a quantum system; (2) the local character of the observables actually measured in an experimental probe of a cosmological state; (3) positivity of the energy in a covariant quantum system. The quantum representation of phenomena such as white and black holes is brought into relationship with semigroups of isometries and their adjoints, and the entropy of localized states treated in this formalism. An extremely general notion of a uniform time scale associated with an evolving system and its entropy is proposed and partially validated. 7-2; 17-3. 
“Conservation of Parity in the Chronometric Theory” with Jacobsen, Orsted, and Speh; 3/4/80, 13pp. 29-2. 
“Are Quasars standard candles?” t, 1/83, unfinished, 21pp. 6-1.
“Apparent Voids and Filaments in the distribution of galaxies as an implication of a nonlinear redshift-distance law” with JFN, has 5/25/84 “Astrophysical Letters” stamp, 14 pp, “negative” Referee’s Report attached; 31-8.
“The number of states of a particle of spin s is not 2s+1,” 10/17/84 (draft), 4pp, 22-4.1.
“Theoretical derivation of basic neutrino properties” (with SP- deceased, 11pp., 1984?), 22-4.1
“The non-linear Weyl relations and QFT” (lecture at Weyl Symp, Amherst, 10/27/85), tx, 7pp. 17-8.
“Physics in the maximal isotropic space-time” 12/85, 74pp (as of 1/3/86). 20-8.
“Fundamental wave equations as actions of the Casimir of the conformal group”, 12/24/86, tx, 11pp, 22-5.2.
“Outline – Chronometric Particle Theory,” t, 3/24/87, 4 pp. 19-23; 22-7.2.
“The computer-intensive statistics of flux-limited samples” tx, 10pp, for Conf. “Astronomy from large data bases…”, Garching, October, 1987, 34-3.1.
“The muon as a harmonic conglomerate,” 12/1/87, 6pp, 22-7.2. 
“The Kahlerization Paradox” 5/2/88, 2pp, has been put to 36-9.
“Local observers in the Einstein universe and the redshift” 5/9/89, t, 32pp (unfinished?), 24-2.1.
“The flat and curved complex structures and the particle concept in conformally invariant fields” t, 6/29/89 and 7/2/89, 13pp. 6-1. 
“Statistical Cosmology” – parts of, t (sent out for publication in 1989, had 140pp – as stated in Segal’s 4/15/92 letter to F. Mosteller). 9-2 and elsewhere. 
“Apparent missing energy as a manifestation of indecomposable combinations of stable relativistic particles, and the nature of higher electrons” 5/13/89, pcx, 16pp. 28-1.1. 
“Nonlinear functions of interacting quantum fields” 5/31/89 with Z. Zhou, 21pp. 28-1.1; 30-10.
“Chronometric Theory: The physics of extreme distances” 9/10/89, pc, 34pp. 29-1.1.
“Chrono decay theory” pc, 9/17/89, 5pp. 29-1.1.
“The spannor bundle” 9/28/89, pc, pp.26-34 (from another manuscript?). 29-1.1. 
“Fundamental Fields and the Physics of Extreme Distances” 2 pages, 1/30/90. 1-3.
“Normalizable Relativistic Particle States at Rest May Have Orbital Angular Momentum of the Order of 1” 10/18/90, 6pp. 1-6. 
“Some interesting or useful aspects of group theory” 10/22/90, 7pp. 1-7.
“The chronometric redshift from the standpoint of local observers” 4/12/92, 5pp, 24-3.2
“Local observers, the aging of photons, and the chronometric redshift” 11/12/92, 3 pp, 24-3.1.
“Gamma Ray Bursts from the Chronometric Perspective” t, 6pp, draft, 4/23/93. 5-6; 22-7.5.
“Statistical due process starts with the data: a reply” 9/28/93, 11pp. Related to an article by Efron and Petrosian. 29-14.
“Parallel Tests of Alternative Redshift-Distance Power Laws on the Basis of the QDOT IRAS Sample” (with JFN, Wu, Zhou), his # 201 is in the list of references, 12/31/93, 40pp. 1-6; 16-14 (with his submission letter to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Soc).
“Statistically efficient tests of the Hubble and Lundmark laws at very low redshifts”, 2/20/94, 66pp, with JFN, not published under that title; in a 9/2/94 letter to H. Abt the title is changed to #216. 18-2.1.
“An alternative to the Higgs mechanism: Mach’s principle and conformal invariance” with Vogan and Zhou, 3/24/94 (with his 4/14/94 letter to the Editor of Phys. Rev. D – about this article being “out-of-hand rejected”), 49pp. 3-2; 29-12; 10/21/95 version is in 21-3.
“Particle theory in the universal cosmos I.Aspects of Mach’s principle and electroweak theory” (with Vogan and Zhou), unpublished, 1/3/95, 51pp; 29-10. 

“Apparent nonlinearity of the ultralocal redshift-distance relation” with JFN, 4/20/95, 67pp. 1-8; 15-4.
“The Large Bright Quasar Survey and Comparative Cosmology” – with JFN, 37 pp., 10/27/95, 1-3; 5/10/95 version is in 23-1.1.
3/21/96 “Chronometric particle theory I. An alternative to the Higgs mechanism” with Vogan and Zhou, unpublished, 59 pp; 3/21/96, referee reports, his replies; 29-10.
“Possible redundancy of half of the Dirac electron modes” t, 4/1/96 – 13pp and 4/14/96 - 23pp; “Possible redundancy of half of the Dirac electron degrees of freedom” t, 4/8/96 – 17pp. Could be different drafts of # 221. 16-13.
“The Energy Operator in Fundamental Physics” pd, 67pp (+17), with JFN, 31 December 1996. 6-1; 29-5.
“Fundamental Particle Theory as It Now Appears From a Group-Theoretic Standpoint” t, 7pp, 1/16/97. 3-2.
“Is Everything in the Universe Made out of Spannors?” t, 3pp., 2/10/97. 3-2; 29-5.
“Statistically Equitable Cosmological Testing in Several Wave Bands” pd, with JFN, unfinished, 2/20/97, 14pp. 5-7. 
“The empirical flux-redshift relation as derived from complete samples in four wave bands”, draft of 3/25/97, with JFN, 11pp and tables, 25-7.3; 29-13; 34-5 has his letter regarding Ref. Reports.
“Parallel Tests of Redshift-Distance Laws in Diverse Wave Bands” pd, 62 (+7)pp (with JFN), 9/10/97, with reviews and comments, and with a reply to the Referee. 5-6.
“The width of the quasar luminosity function” with JFN, seems to be a preliminary version of # 224. Both are in 16-12; 12/15/97 version has 15pp – 23-1.1.
“Possible Physical Redundancy of Half of the Dirac Electron Modes” t, 30pp, 18 February 1998, seems to be 221-related (221 submitted in October 1997). 3-2.
“The Nature of Gravity” t, 31pp, with a 1/21/98 letter to S. Deser. The 2pp letter lists some key features of the article’s approach to gravity. May 27 version is in dr. 36. An even later version of that article is on the web. 6-1; 24-4; 36-9. 
“Validation of the conformal energy” with JFN, 2/20/98, pc 19pp and tables; 36-12.
“Nonparametric Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of the Local Redshift-Distance Relation from Complete Samples in Four Wave Bands,” t, 13pp, with JFN, 6/2/98. 3-2; 25-7 has a few letters on it; a 7/1/98 version has a new title (“Estimation of the redshift-distance relation” 17pp+5), no co-authors, in 7-7. 
“Maximum-likelihood estimation of the local redshift-distance relation” with JFN, 7/4/98, pc 10pp and tables; 36-8.
“Parallel Tests of Redshift-Distance Laws in Diverse Wave Bands” 7/12/98, 69pp, pc, with JFN, (this sbf 1has other 1997-1998 drafts and corr.); 35-5.1, 36-10.
“Is Redshift-Dependent Evolution of Galaxies a Theoretical Artifact?” 8/3/98, t, 23pp. 3-3.

The following (unpublished) manuscripts/drafts are listed in alphabetical order:
“A pilot model for the system of all elementary particles” (1956? still in Chicago) 3 typed pages and a few pages of notes. 14-1.1
“Apparent nonconservation of parity and global geometry” (late 70s? unfinished?- could be related to a much later # 180), t 12pp. 17-3
“Comparative Statistical Cosmology in the Pre-Evolutionary Redshift Regime” (with Nicoll and Wu), t, 17pp (unfinished?), early 90s? 9-2.
“Comparisons of bias-free quasar luminosity functions” (early 80s?) 8pp, t, with JFN – unpublished? 17-3.
“Decay processes and the quantization of non-unitarizable reps of causal groups” t, 4pp, (late 70s?). 4-2.
“Elementary Particles from a Mathematical Perspective” (late 70s, t, 14pp, unfinished, not on the list – incorporated into other publications; outline: I. The particles; II. The alternative theories,- their essence: covariant bundles; II. Interactions as local invariants of bundles; IV. Quantum numbers as generators of maximal abelian representation subalgebras; V. The main apperent bundles: spinor, vectors, scalars; VI. Some physical puzzles and possible mathematical counterparts). 7-2. 
“Further confirmation of the nonlinearity of the redshift-distance relation” (early 90s?), (has 4/11/95 “Apparent Nonlinearity…” in that folder). 15-4. 
“Local Observers-Text” , printed-out, 17 pp, 1992 or later, 24-3.1
“Mathematical structure of the S-matrix for linearly coupled bosons” (unfinished, 1956?) tx, 9pp. 14-1.1
20pp, T, “Notes on Life in the Universe” (late 80s, unfinished) – “Some pre-pre-scientific ruminations connecting recent fundamental developments in the physical and biological sciences, and tending towards aphilosophical reconciliation of free will and scientific determinism.” 7-8.
“Observational Truncation and Rational Cosmology” with J.F.Nicoll, 34 pp, 1992 or later. 1-4, 20-4; 21-5.
“Observational Truncation and Rational Cosmology” - parts of, t, the entire article (one of its versions was submitted to Statistical Science on 7/28/89) had about 140 pp – as it is indicated in 5/9/90 letter from C. Morris (Ex.Editor of Statistical Science), with J. Nicoll. There are some 1991 letters, related to this article. 9-2.
“Quantization of non-linear systems”x, IES, Chicago; he has marked it as unpublished, could later become part of # 41 which is much larger). 16-17.
“Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory” t, 36pp, unfinished, 70s? 4-2. 
“Quasar luminosity functions after removal of cutoff bias” 4pp, t, unpublished?; 1981? 17-5.3.
“Remark on the parametrization of the states of Compley systems” published in “Theoretical Physics and Biology”, X of a reprint, pp.418-422.
“Restoration of Discrete Elementary Particle Symmetries” with B. Orsted, S. Paneitz (deceased), D. Vogan, 4pp, mid80s? 20-5.2
“Statistical Cosmology” (88-89a draft of a book ?– 90pp) with 7/4/88 letter from Joe 000 regarding this manuscript, and with Segal’s 7/12/88 reply. 1-5; 20-4.
“The Basic Analytic Framework of Positivistic Analysis of the Redshift Phenomenon”, a, 80s, 13pp. 1-5.
“The electron-muon neutrino distinction and other proposed particle identifications in chronometric theory,” 13 pp, t, early 80s? 20-5.2
“The mathematical physics of extreme distances” pd, 2pp., (draft of a larger talk? 90s?). 6-1.
“The Plank law for quantum fields with supplementary invariant constraints and the Woody-Richards anomaly”tx, 12pp (with an “early draft” mark; early 80s? never published?)
“The redshift-distance square law for low-redshift galaxies” (with JFN, unpublished, 1979?) t, 14pp. 17-2