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Simons Lecture Series

2017 Lectures

Lecture Videos

April 24-26, 4:30-5:30pm, Room 2-190

Yuval Peres

Microsoft Research

Surprises in Discrete Probability

Lecture 1: Monday, April 24
A fair partition of the sphere and overhanging blocks

Lecture 2: Tuesday, April 25
Strange geometry of high-dimensional spanning forests

Lecture 3: Wednesday, April 26
Mixing time in Ramanujan graphs and random graphs

May 1-3, 4:30-5:30pm, Room 2-190

Martin Hairer

University of Warwick

Singular Stochastic PDEs

Lecture 1: Monday, May 1
Bridging scales: from microscopic dynamics to macroscopic laws

Lecture 2: Tuesday, May 2
An analyst’s incursion into quantum field theory

Lecture 3: Wednesday, May 3
Renormalization: a BPHZ theorem for stochastic PDEs