Juvitop Spring 2011

This is the Juvitop seminar webpage from Spring 2011, which was organized by Anatoly Preygel and Sheel Ganatra about Nonabelian Hodge Theory. This site was originally hosted here. This is part of a deep copy of all prior Juvitop websites that I could find in the fall of 2016.

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Pre-Talbot -- Spring 2011

Juvitop is the MIT graduate student topics seminar in algebraic topology. This semester Juvitop is pre-Talbot: preparation for this year's Talbot workshop. The topic for this semester is "Non-Abelian Hodge Theory."

The seminar will meet at the usual time-and-place:
You might also want to check out babytop, or the topology seminar.

Questions/Comments? Email one of the organizers: Anatoly Preygel (preygel at m@h.mit.edu) or Sheel Ganatra (ganatra at m@h.mit.edu). [Replace "@" with "at".]

02/23/2011Jacob LurieIntroduction(PDF) (taken by David Jordan)
03/02/2011Anatoly PreygelVariations of Hodge structure(PDF) (taken by Nick Rozenblyum)
03/09/2011Sheel GanatraApplications (of future talks)(PDF) (taken by Nick Rozenblyum)
03/16/2011David JordanDeligne and Simpson's construction of the twistor space underlying the De Rham space of a variety(PDF) (taken by Sheel Ganatra)
03/30/2011Joshua BatsonFrom Higgs to harmonic
04/06/2011No meeting
04/13/2011Saul GlasmanFrom flat to harmonic

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