Juvitop Spring 2010

This is the Juvitop seminar webpage from Spring 2010, which was organized by Nick Rozenblyum and Anatoly Preygel about Twisted K-Theory and Loop Groups. This site was originally hosted here. This is part of a deep copy of all prior Juvitop websites that I could find in the fall of 2016.

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Juvitop - Spring 2010

Juvitop is the MIT graduate student topics seminar in algebraic topology. The topic for this semeser is "Twisted K-Theory and Loop Groups", in preparation for this year's Talbot workshop on the same.

*Announcement*: There will be no meeting on March 24th, due to MIT spring break.

At least for the time being the seminar will meet at an unusual time-and-place:
You might also want to check out last semester's juvitop, babytop, or the topology seminar.

Questions/Comments? Email one of the organizers: Anatoly Preygel (preygel at m@h.mit.edu) or Nick Rozenblyum (nrozen at m@h.mit.edu). [Replace "@" with "at".]

02/17/2010Nick RozenblyumIntroduction
02/24/2010Rune HaugsengEquivariant K-Theory and Representation Theory
03/03/2010Dustin ClausenTwistings and Twisted K-Theory
03/10/2010Olga StroilovaLoop Groups
03/17/2010Anatoly PreygelThe Case of Tori(Soon.)
03/31/2010Rune HaugsengGroupoids
04/07/2010tbaConstructing the Map
04/14/2010tbaMore Representation Theory of Loop Groups

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