Imaging and Computing Seminar

Vincent Jugnon , Ecole normale superieure, Ulm, France

Photo-acoustic imaging

In photoacoustics, one triggers an acoustic wave with electromagnetic heating. The inverse problem is then to reconstruct the initial value of the wave equation from ultrasound boundary measurements. In an ideal frame, the problem has been thoroughly studied and inversion formulae involving spherical Radon transform are available. In this talk, I will address a number of non-idealities and the solutions we developped to deal with them. Modelling the EM heating is also of great importance in the photoacoustic problem. The optical coefficients can be linked to the initial pressure reconstructed from the acoustic inverse problem. I will finish by discussing our recent work on more classic wave imaging problems. I will develop an improvement of a topological derivative based algorithm for the Helmholtz equation ans compare it with classic approaches.