Seismic Imaging Blind Challenge

Resources and Code Setup

The file is provided to you at the computing resources website. This file implements a significant portion of the code you will need for today.

You will also need to download the seismic data for the challenge problem. has the code required to load it. Be sure to put it in the same directory as your script.

In there is a section with comments describing how to set up an initial velocity model. Tunable parameters are marked with #### TUNABLE PARAMETER #### comments. Helpful plotting code is marked with #### PLOT ####.


In this problem, you will attempt to recover an unknown medium from the provided seismic data.

Use the theoretical and computational tools (PySIT) you have developed and used over the last two weeks to attempt to answer the following questions about the unknown domain.

Be sure to look at the details section for important information.

Question 1: What is the background velocity of the medium? How did you come to this conclusion? What indications do you have that you are correct?

Question 2: How many reflectors are there and what is their location? How did you come to this conclusion?

Question 3: What is the amplitude of the reflectors? How did you come to this conclusion?


Properties of the physical and computational domain:

Properties of the data:

Known properties of the medium:

Helpful PySIT routines: