MIT Friends of the Arts

Who can come?

Anyone can come with us on the outings, but only MIT affiliates are eligible for subsidized tickets and free dinners.

How do I get college card tickets for the BSO?

If you don't already have a college card valid for the current academic year, go to copytech and buy one for $5. Then, go downtown to the BSO's ticket office, and show your MIT ID and college card to get a free ticket. If you want to pick up a ticket for a friend, you have to bring their college card and MIT ID as well. You can pick up tickets starting the Monday before the performance; I recommend getting there early in the week.

If you're not going with Friends of the Arts, be sure to check out the list of blackout dates.

What's up with the name of the mailing list?

The organization changed name from Friends of the BSO to Friends of the Arts when we started organizing outings to a wider range of arts events, but the mailing list name stayed.

What's the connection to the math department?

Our funding comes from the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education, through the Graduate Student Life Grants (GSLG) program, and from the math department. The organizers are math graduate students, so the dinners are usually held in the math department common room.