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Wei Zhang

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Room 2-436

Professor of Mathematics

Wei Zhang is Professor of Mathematics as of July 2017. He received the PhD from Columbia University in 2009, and took a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard 20009-10. He was a Benjamin Peirce Fellow from 2010-11, and then joined the mathematics faculty at Columbia University. He was Assistant Professor, 2011-13, Associate Professsor, 2014-15, and full professor 2015-17. Zhang is a number theorist who works in arithmetic geometry, a field that studies rational number solutions to polynomial equations. His program involves fundamental objects such as L-series, which appear in the Riemann hypothesis and its generalizations, and are central to the Langlands program. The Gross-Zagier theorem on elliptic curves (1986) is a starting point for many of the subsequent conjectures Zhang and collaborators have made significant advances on. One recent major advance was proof of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for approx. 66% of elliptic curves. Zhang's distinctions include the Sloan Research Fellowship in 2013, and the 2010 SASTRA Ramanujan Prize. In 2018, he will give an invited address at ICM 18 in Rio de Janeiro.