DateAug. 3, 2012
Speaker Oren J. Falkowitz (CEO / sqrrl)
Adam Fuchs (CTO / sqrrl) and John Vines (
TopicCompleting the Big Data Ecosystem: sqrrl and Accumulo
Abstract: In a world where mastery of big data leads to competitive advantage, adaptability and scalability are the new driving factors for analytical infrastructure. Founders of the Apache Accumulo project have recently launched sqrrl, a Boston based startup. sqrrl's mission is to support and drive Accumulo and to provide a secure, scalable, and efficient discovery analytic layer on top of Accumulo, exposing the new design patterns that Accumulo brings. This talk will discuss the technology and techniques of Accumulo and exemplify them through an application development perspective.

Apache Accumulo, originally developed by the National Security Agency and now an Apache Software Foundation project, builds upon Google's Bigtable design to provide a scalable, lightly-structured database capability complementing the ubiquitous Hadoop environment. The core capabilities of Accumulo include cell-level security, flexible schemas, bulk I/O, and linear scalability beyond trillions of entries and petabytes of data. These new capabilities lead to techniques that unlock the power of Big Data, but don't fit into traditional database design patterns.