DateOct. 8, 2010
Speaker James Reaney (BlueArc Corporation)
TopicParallel Filesystems: A Vendor Perspective on Open vs. Closed Choices and Why We Should Care.
Abstract:  Filesystems for research computing come in two basic flavors today: proprietary parallel filesystems and the more open, usually distributed, but not really parallel filesystem alternatives. The storage industry will soon enter a new era as pNFS-based filesystems merge these two flavors in an attempt to get the best of both worlds: true parallel I/O at massive scales together with an open, interoperable standard. Join Dr. James Reaney of BlueArc as he examines the current state of parallel filesystems and gives a retrospective on a few of the early distributed network filesystems to see what lessons can be learned. An overview of the upcoming pNFS standard will be offered together with a preview of BlueArc's filesystem plans in support of that standard.