DateAug. 24, 2010
Speaker Arch Robison (INTEL®)
TopicIntroduction to Intel® Threading Building Blocks
Abstract: Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) is a commercially supported open-source C++ template library for parallel programming of shared-memory hardware. TBB stresses a scalable and nestable approach to parallelism, which is critical for successful multi-core modular software. I will focus on the generic algorithms portion of TBB, which enable programmers to express parallelism at a high level, without becoming tangled in low level details of threading. For example, TBB's parallel_reduce template lets the programmer specify a parallel reduction over any recursively divisible iteration space, using any associative operation. I'll also touch on TBB's concurrent containers, which simplify common patterns of sharing between parallel activities. TBB rounds out its concurrency support with critical low-level components such as locks, atomic operations, and a scalable memory allocator.