DateApr. 3, 2009
Speaker Thorsten von Eicken (CTO RightScale)
TopicCloud Computing: A New Computing Paradigm
Abstract: Cloud Computing offers significant benefits over traditional solutions for deploying production internet services. It also creates a flexible environment for conducting research, development and testing activities. A key characteristic of cloud computing is the ability to fully automate the provisioning and management of compute resources, but contrary to the hype surrounding cloud computing many issues are largely unresolved. This talk will illustrate the benefits and challenges of operating in the cloud using case studies and over two years of cloud computing experience.

Thorsten von Eicken received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. He spent 6 years on the faculty at Cornell University before joining Expertcity (now Citrix Online) as Chief Architect. Most recently he co-founded RightScale and raised over $20M in venture funding.