DateApr. 6, 2007
SpeakersJohn F. Mucci and Judson Leonard (SiCortex)
TopicExploring a New, High-Density, Low-Power HPC Computer System
Abstract: The dramatic ascendance of microprocessor-based Linux/MPI clusters in the High Performance Computing (HPC) market during the last decade has been a paradigm shift as profound as any in the history of this rapidly-evolving industry.

SiCortex, a venture funded startup based in Maynard, MA will discuss its recently introduced high-density, low-power, high-node-count Linus systems. For example, the SC5832 model is a system with 5,832 64 bit 1GFlop processors, 8TBytes of memory, 2Tbits/sec external I/O, on chip integrated interprocessor fabric with ~1usec MPI latency and 500GB/sec of bisection bandwidth. Interconnect topology is not one of the usual suspects but is a Kautz graph which will be describe. All in an air cooled package about 4.5'x4.5'x6' and using ~18Kw of electrical power! We will discuss the architecture, technology, packaging and challenges along the road to commercialization.