Topological modular forms

This page was the online home of the book based on the 2007 Talbot workshop, edited by Chris Douglas, John Francis, André Henriques, and Mike Hill. The book has now been published and is available from the AMS here. A preliminary pdf version of the book may be found on the editors' webpages, cld, jnkf, agh, or mah; note that numerous corrections were made between that and the final printed version. The table of contents of the book is as follows.

    Abstract: tmf is (almost) the global sections of a sheaf of E-infinity ring spectra
    on the moduli stack of elliptic curves ... or ... "That was easy!".

    Part I

  1. Elliptic genera and elliptic cohomology.
        Corbett Redden
  2. Elliptic curves and modular forms.
        Carl Mautner
  3. The moduli stack of elliptic curves.
        André G. Henriques
  4. The Landweber exact functor theorem.
        Henning Hohnhold
  5. Sheaves in homotopy theory.
        Chris Douglas
  6. Bousfield localization and the Hasse square.
        Tilman Bauer
  7. The local structure of the moduli stack of formal groups.
        Jacob Lurie
  8. Goerss–Hopkins obstruction theory.
        Vigleik Angeltveit
  9. From spectra to stacks.
        after Michael J. Hopkins
  10. The string orientation.
        after Michael J. Hopkins
  11. The sheaf of E-infinity-ring spectra.
        after Michael J. Hopkins
  12. The construction of tmf.
        Mark Behrens
  13. The homotopy groups of tmf and of its localizations.
        André G. Henriques

Part II

  • Elliptic curves and stable homotopy I.
        Michael J. Hopkins and Haynes R. Miller
  • From elliptic curves to homotopy theory.
        Michael J. Hopkins and Haynes R. Miller
  • K(1)-local E-infinity-ring spectra.
        Michael J. Hopkins
  • Glossary.

A few pictures that appear in the book:
Adams spectral sequence  ExtA(2)( F2 , F2 )    π*(tmf).
The Adams Novikov spectral sequence for tmf  [by Michael J. Hopkins, 1993]
Elliptic spectral sequence   Hq( ℳEll‾; ωp ) π2p-q(Tmf)

The schedule of talks from the 2007 workshop itself is here.

For information on the Talbot workshops more broadly, the overall homepage is here.