Automorphisms of manifolds

pretalbot -- Talbot workshop prep seminar

Spring 2006

  • February 7 at 4pm, 2-139
    John Francis
    Overview: automorphism groups of manifolds
  • February 9 at 4pm, 2-136
    Tyler Lawson
    Waldhausen K-theory of spaces
  • February 14 at 4pm, 2-139
    Teena Gerhardt
    Rational computations
  • February 16 at 4pm, 2-139
    Mark Behrens
    Block automorphisms and h-cobordisms
  • February 21 at 4pm, 2-139
    Jacob Lurie
    Simple homotopy and the Whitehead space
  • February 24 at 3pm, in ?
    Veronique Godin
    Parametrized Morse theory

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