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Girko's Circular Law, n=2000

Random Matrices Conference

Sunday, August 12th, 2001

Schedule of titles and abstracts

Random Condition Numbers New applications of random matrix theory are popping up at a large rate these days. Nonetheless, the best Wigner's Semi-Circleengineering applications still are waiting to be found. This informal conference is a hope at bringing people together to explore these applications.

Finite Wigner Law: n=2, n=3
The invited speakers include:

Ioana Dumitriu (MIT)
Partha Mitra (Bell Labs)
David R. Nelson (Harvard)
Maurice Rojas (Texas A & M)
David Tse (Berkeley)
Divikar Viswanath (U Chicago)

See Schedule for titles and abstracts

Lectures will take place at M.I.T. from 9:30am to 5:30pm in room 1-390. This map shows where Building 1 is and shows in what corner Room 390 can be found. Room 390 is on the third floor.

If you would like a hotel reservation, please contact the University Park Hotel@MIT where a block of rooms has been reserved for Saturday and Sunday evenings at a special rate of $149 per night. Call (617) 577-0200, ask for "reservations" and tell them you are attending the "Random Matrices Conference." If you have trouble with "reservations," call Geoffrey Taylor in Sales at (617) 551-0312.


Alan Edelman (MIT)

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