Geometry and Representation Theory:
A Conference in honor of George Lusztig
Program of Talks

Tuesday, May 30th

8:45  Conference Opening
9:00-10:00  David Kazhdan (Hebrew U.)  “Hecke algebras for reductive groups over higher-dimensional fields”
10:00-10:15  Coffee
10:15-11:15  Dennis Gaitsgory (Harvard)  “Deformations of local systems and Eisenstein series”
11:30-12:30  Masaki Kashiwara (RIMS)  “K-theory of the affine flag manifolds”
2:30-3:30  Michele Vergne (ENS, Paris)  “Transversally elliptic operators and discrete series”
3:30-4:00  Tea
4:00-5:00  Xuhua He (IAS)  “The character sheaves on certain spherical varieties”
5:15  Alexander Goncharov (Brown)  “Positivity and higher Teichmuller theory”

Wednesday, May 31st

9:00-10:00Roman Bezrukavnikov (MIT)“Geometric approach to modular representations of semi-simple
Lie algebras and rational Cherednik algebras”
10:15-11:15Alexander Beilinson (U. of Chicago)“Topological $\epsilon$-factors”
11:30-12:30Joseph Bernstein (Tel Aviv University)“Subconvexity estimates of L-functions and Representation
2:30-3:30Jean-Loup Waldspurger (U. Denis Diderot -- Paris 7)“On twisted endoscopy”
4:00-5:00Wolfgang Soergel (Freiburg)“Graded lift of tensoring with finite dimensional
6:30Banquet at the Royal East Restaurant

Thursday, June 1st

9:00-10:00  Victor Ginzburg (U. of Chicago)  “Calabi-Yau algebras”
10:00-10:15  Coffee
10:15-11:15  Eric Vasserot (U. Denis Diderot -- Paris 7)  “Double affine Hecke algebras at roots of unity”
11:30-12:30  Andrei Zelevinsky (Northeastern U.)  “Y-systems and cluster algebras”
2:30-3:30  Konstanze Rietsch (King's College)  “From total positivity to quantum cohomology of flag
varieties and mirror constructions”
3:30-4:00  Tea
4:00-5:00  Igor Frenkel (Yale)  “Quantum deformation, geometrization, categorification: What is next?”
5:15-6:15  Victor Kac (MIT)  “Quantization and Chiralization”

Friday, June 2nd

9:00-10:00  Meinolf Geck (Aberdeen) “Classification of modular principal series representations
of finite groups of Lie type”
10:00-10:15  Coffee
10:15-11:15  Jean Michel (U. Denis Diderot - Paris 7) “Spetses for primitive complex reflection groups”
11:30-12:30  Dan Barbasch (Cornell) “Primitive ideals and unitarity”
2:30-3:30  Sara Billey (U. of Washington) “Characterizing Deodhar Elements of Weyl Groups by
Embedded Factor Patterns”
3:30-4:00  Tea
4:00-5:00  Anthony Joseph (Weizmann Institute) “Slices for parabolic actions and invariants in type A”
5:15-6:15  Bertram Kostant (MIT) “New (I believe) results on the centralizer of K in U()”

Saturday, June 3rd

9:00-10:00  Shrawan Kumar (UNC at Chapel Hill)  “Eigenvalue problem and a new product in the cohomology
of flag varieties”
10:00-10:15  Coffee
10:15-11:15  Michael Atiyah (Edinburgh)  “Quaternions in Geometry, Analysis and Physics”
11:30-12:30  Ian Grojnowski (Cambridge)  “A Satake isomorphism in dimension 2”
2:30-3:30  Nanhua Xi (Chinese Academy of Sciences)  “Some applications of based ring of an affine Weyl group”
3:45-4:45  Tonny Springer (Utrecht)  “Variations on Bruhat's Lemma”
4:45-5:00  Conference Closing
5:00  Tea

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