June 1-5, 2015
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut


All talks will be in Davies Auditorium, Dunham Lab, 10 Hillhouse Avenue


9:30-10:30 M-F. Vigneras Parabolic induction, adjoints, and contragredient of mod p representations
11:00-12:00 M. Harris Eisenstein cohomology and construction of Galois representations
2:00-3:00 G. Savin Theta correspondences for epipelagic representations
3:00-3:30 Tea/Coffee
3:30-4:30 P. Kutzko The foundational ideas of Roger Howe in the area of types, covers and Hecke algebras.
5:00 Opening Reception


9:30-10:30 Wee Teck Gan On the Howe duality conjecture
11:00-12:00 S. Kudla Some degenerate Whittaker functions for Sp_n(R)
1:45-2:45 C. Moeglin Arthur's and Adams-Johnson's packets, joint work with N. Arancibia and D. Renard.
3:00-4:00 T. Kobayashi Analysis on non-Riemannian locally symmetric spaces --- an application of invariant theory
4:00-4:30 Tea/Coffee
4:30-5:30 Y. Sakellaridis On the Schwartz space of a smooth semi-algebraic stack.


9:30-10:30 B. Sun Conservation relations for local theta correspondence
11:00-12:00 J-L. Waldspurger On the fundamental lemma for all functions in the Hecke algebra
1:45-2:45 D. Ciubotaru Formal degrees of unipotent discrete series representations of semisimple p-adic groups
3:00-4:00 D. Barbasch
Unipotent representations and the Theta-correspondence.
4:00-4:30 Tea/Coffee
4:30-5:30 M. Reeder Some new supercuspidal representations


9:30-10:30 D. Vogan
Branching to maximal compact subgroups
11:00-12:00 F. Knop Reductive group actions
2:00-3:00 N. Wallach
A GIT dynamical system
3:00-3:30 Tea/Coffee
3:30-4:30 J. Arthur Problems Beyond Endoscopy
6:30 Banquet


9:30-10:30 Soo-Teck Lee
Branching algebras for classical groups
11:00-12:00 A. Moy A computation with Bernstein projectors for p-adic SL(2).
1:45-2:45 D. Jiang On Automorphic Analogue of the HighestWeight Module Theory
3:00-4:00 J. Adams
Theta Correspondence for Dummies