Plan of Talks

  1. Symplectic and Contact definitions [Vinicius Gripp] notes
  2. Neighborhood theorems [Yang Huang] notes
  3. Moser's trick and h-principles [Luis Diogo] notes from first talk, notes from second talk
  4. Holomorphic curves definitions [Andre Carneiro] notes

Day 2: Tuesday 8/31

  1. Gromov compactness in compact manifolds [Sushmita Venugopalan] notes
  2. Gromov compactness in manifolds with cylindrical ends [Tim Nguyen] notes
  3. Boundary degenerations [David Farris] notes
  4. Dimension formulae [Vera Vertesi] notes

Day 3: Wednesday 9/1

  1. Floer homology basics [Ramon Horvath] notes
  2. Contact homology [Russell Advek] notes
  3. Symplectic Field Theory [David Duncan, Tobias Ekholm] notes on Legendrian Contact Homology, notes on invariance
  4. Legendrian knots and other examples [Albin Ostman] notes
  5. Orientations [Georgios Rizell] notes

Day 4: Thursday 9/2

  1. Symplectic homology basics [David Jackson-Hanen] notes
  2. Morse-Bott degenerations [Nick Sheridan] notes
  3. Further structure in symplectic homology, product and BV-operator [Sheel Ganatra] notes
  4. Morse-Bott description of symplectic homology [Keon Choi] notes

Day 5: Friday 9/3

  1. Legendrian surgery, symplectic and contact homology [James Pascaleff, Maksim Maydanskiy] notes from Max, notes from James
  2. Legendrian surgery and the product in symplectic homology [Tobias Ekholm] notes