18.950 - Differential Geometry (Fall 2016)

There will be 11 problem sets, due on Thursdays at noon. You may hand in your problem set either

  1. in hard copy, to the submission box outside 4-174; or,
  2. in pdf, by email to both myself (hmacbeth@) and our grader Jiewon Park (jiewon@).

The lowest problem set score will be dropped, leaving an average of 10 scores to make up the problem set grade.

Collaboration and use of resources: Collaboration on the problem sets is allowed (and in general encouraged). Referring to textbooks, online lecture notes, etc. is also allowed.

However, completing the problem sets is the most effective way of understanding the material. Therefore, you must write up your problem sets on your own. Please list the names of the collaborators, and any resources used other than do Carmo, at the top of your problem sets.

Please note that pp 475-496 of do Carmo contain a collection of ``Hints and Answers to Some Exercises.''

Missed exams, missed and late problem sets: If you are dealing with a personal or medical issue that is impacting your ability to attend class, complete work, or take an exam, please discuss this with Student Support Services (S$^3$). The deans in S$^3$ will verify your situation, and then discuss with you and me how to address the missed work.

Problem set extensions or exemptions will be given only with verification from S$^3$. Late problem sets may be informally graded, by arrangement with our grader Jiewon Park (jiewon@), but no credit will be given.

Problem set 11 (due 8 December) (solutions)

Problem set 10 (supplementary calculations for problem 4) (due 1 December) (solutions)

Problem set 9 (due 17 November) (solutions)

Problem set 8 (extended deadline -- due 12 November at noon) (solutions)

Problem set 7 (due 3 November) (solutions)

Problem set 6 (due 27 October) (solutions)

Problem set 5 (due 13 October) (solutions)

Problem set 4 (due 6 October) (solutions)

Problem set 3 (due 29 September) (solutions)

Problem set 2 (due 22 September) (solutions)

Problem set 1 (due 15 September) (solutions)