18.701: Algebra I, Fall 2019


Since Friday is a student holiday,
I've decided to go away for the weekend,
I'll leave Wednesday at 3, after my office hours.
Our camp has no electricity,
so I'll be out of touch till Monday.

A feedback sheet that I'm also handing out in class is posted below.
Please take a few minutes to fill it out.
Turn it in along with the second pset on Wednesday. Thanks.

We are planning to grade three pset problems each week.
It will be impossible to grade all of them.
For the first assignment, problems 1,2,3 wil lbe graded,
with 30 points each for problems 1 and 2 and 4 points for problem 3.



  • General Information (pdf)
  • Subject Outline (pdf)
  • Quiz Dates (pdf)

    Problem Sets

  • Problem Set #1 (pdf)
  • Problem Set #2 (pdf)
  • Problem Set #3 (pdf)


  • Comments on the Diagnostic Problem (pdf)
  • Comments on Pset1 (pdf)
  • Feedback Sheet (pdf)

    Course Staff

    Mike Artin, artin@math.mit.edu,
    room 2-274, x3-3689. Office Hours: M 1-2, W 2-3

    Alsksandra Utiralova, sashau@mit.edu,
    room 2-333B, Office Hour: Tue 4-5

    You are encouraged to make use of the office hours.
    If you can't make the times listed,
    email us to set up an appointment.

    Please arrive to office hours during the first half hour.
    We may leave after a half hour if no one is there.

    Web address: http://www-math.mit.edu/classes/18.701/

    When you have questions about the grading of the homework,
    please speak to the TA.