18.086 - Computational Science and Engineering II (Spring 2014)




50 % homework (4 psets) and 50 % project. There will be no exams.

Late homework will not be given any credit. Collaboration is allowed but not encouraged.

How to submit homework

Hand in writings and plots in class. Email to [rsengupt at math dot mit dot edu] your code generating all the results and plots before 9:00 am on the due day. Use subject: 18.086 homework {#}. Write clean code. Comment your programs appropriately.

Programming language

Any programming languages (C, C++, Fortran, MATLAB, Python, ...) can be used for homework and project.

The final project

Your project topic should be related to your research area. Improve your existing algorithm/code is a good idea but please do not recycle your own or other's previous project. An ideal project report consists of more or less 50% analysis and 50% computation. More details will be discussed in class and during office hours. Collaboration is allowed but generally not encouraged.