18.085/0851 - Computational Science and Engineering I (Fall 2015)


Note: The schedule is subject to change. Check back for changes and updates. The page numbers are approximate.

Semester Timeline
Date Topics Homework Due Related Materials
L1 Sept 10 (R) Course introduction
Four special matrices
Two ways of multiplying matrices
L2 Sept 15 (T) Differential & difference equations
Review of linear algebra
Solving linear systems
L3 Sept 17 (R) Delta function PSET 1 Solutions PSET 1
L4 Sept 22 (T) Eigenvalues & eigenvectors (I)
L5 Sept 24 (R) Eigenvalues & eigenvectors (II)
Positive definite matrices
L6 Sept 29 (T) Spring & masses
Oscillation (I)
L7 Oct 1 (R) Oscillation (II)
Least squares
PSET 2 Solutions PSET 2
L8 Oct 6 (T) Graphs & networks
Kirchoff's current law (I)
EXAM 1 Oct 8 (R) Up to Springs and Masses (Included) EXAM 1 Solutions EXAM 1
No class Oct 13 (T)
L9 Oct 15 (R) Kirchoff's current law (II)
Trusses (I)
PSET 3 Solutions PSET 3
L10 Oct 20 (T) Trusses (II)
L11 Oct 22 (R) Finite elements in 1D (I)
L12 Oct 27 (T) Finite elements in 1D (II)
Quadratic & cubic elements
L13 Oct 29 (R) Element matrices
4th-order bending equations
Boundary conditions
PSET 4 Solutions PSET 4
L14 Nov 3 (T) Gradients & divergence
Laplace's equation (I)
EXAM 2 Nov 5 (R) Topics (TBA) EXAM 2 Solutions EXAM 2
L15 Nov 10 (T) Laplace's equation (II)
L16 Nov 12 (R) Laplace's equation (III)
Fast Poisson solver (I)
L17 Nov 17 (T) Fast Poisson solver (II)
L18 Nov 19 (R) Finite Elements in 2D
Fourier series (I)
PSET 5 Solutions PSET 5
L19 Nov 24 (T) Fourier series (II)
No class Nov 26 (R) Happy Thanksgiving Day!
L20 Dec 1 (T) Discrete Fourier series
EXAM 3 Dec 3 (R) Topics (TBA) EXAM 3 Solutions EXAM 3
L21 Dec 8 (T) Fast Fourier Transform
Convolution (I)
L22 Dec 10 (R) Convolution (II)